There are many flooring options and choices available on the market for pet owners.


From slipping and sliding, to scratches, stains and accidents…choosing the right flooring material for your home can be a challenge and seem quite daunting.

At Flooring Xtra we can provide you with expert advice and guidance on which flooring solution is best for your home and lifestyle. Our Pet-Friendly Flooring options do not compromise on style.


As a pet owner, you can have the modern home you have always dreamed of, whilst protecting the look, feel, style and longevity of your flooring.


Cleaning Tips for Flooring

Having pets indoors can rapidly increase the wear and tear on ordinary flooring.
We’ve all been in the tricky situation of watching your pup bolt inside with mud on their paws, recklessly sliding down the hallway.


Audacity Asheville Laminate


It is safe to assume when your pet comes indoors, nature comes in with them.


To prevent the possibility of water damage or staining, it is important to attend to accidents immediately. Our Hybrid, Vinyl and Laminate flooring options have waterproof and water-resistant qualities that make this a simple task. Cleaning and maintaining your flooring can be easily managed with a quick vacuum or sweep. Another alternative is to use a damp mop or cloth to wipe away any dirt.


Caring for Your Flooring


To ensure the longevity of your flooring, it is important to be a responsible pet owner. Regular grooming isn’t just essential for your pet’s wellbeing, but also for maintaining your flooring.


Reduce the possibility of floor scratches, by keeping your pets nails well-trimmed. It also improves their traction, creating less excitable slipping when they overhear the words ‘walk’ or ‘treat’.


Even though our Pet-Friendly flooring options have been designed with accidents in mind, it is important to house train your pets. We understand that this takes time, so the waterproof and water-resistant features in our hard flooring options will help minimise damage to your flooring in the meantime.


Finally, consider introducing a rug in high traffic areas. Rugs are not only an excellent addition when styling a home, they also protect the flooring underneath.


Audacity Alpine Ash Hybrid

Pet Friendly Flooring Features


Our hybrid, laminate and vinyl flooring options have been designed to tackle all that pets can throw at them.


Audacity is a range of stylish, timber-look flooring available in hybrid and laminate options. The flooring has been carefully designed with pets in mind and engineered to maintain its beauty.
Their Hybrid Rigid Core range is 100% waterproof, with outstanding stain and scratch resistance, whilst the Audacity laminate has a proven 72-hour Water Block Warranty.
Both options are perfect for a pet loving household, as they are easy to maintain and steam and wet mop friendly.


Xpert Pro offers stylish hybrid and laminate flooring options built to last beautifully in your home. Their resilient surfaces and water-resistant features create a durable, low maintenance flooring option, perfect for a pet-friendly home that does not compromise on functionality or style.


The Hinterland range provides a Pet-Friendly alternative, which resembles the look of classic timber flooring. This Hybrid flooring options is designed to suit any family lifestyle. Hybrid flooring is a waterproof material- an ideal choice when living with your furry friends and looks beautiful throughout your home.


To learn more about the Pet-Friendly Flooring options we have on offer, visit your nearest store.




From the Pet Friendly Flooring Range




 Audacity offers laminate and hybrid timber look flooring that is pet-friendly and looks effortlessly stylish in any home.

Xpert Pro

Xpert Pro

Xpert Pro flooring combines functional features with stylish designs to create a water-resistant flooring perfect for pets.



Our Flooring Xtra Hinterland range is created from durable Australian and Rustic Oak timbers to create a pet-friendly flooring.