Seeking the balance between beauty and practicality was at the heart of Darren James and Elissa Greer’s own family home where authentic materials are the star and liveability runs a close second. As owners of an esteemed interior design studio, the family home build has been a labour of love, the sourcing and specifying documented on their well-followed social channels. Darren and Elissa chose Flooring Xtra products throughout to sit within their luxurious and timeless design scheme.


Darren and Elissa chatted with Flooring Xtra, describing their Brisbane build named ‘Bayview One’. They discussed their ideas, the process and why they chose the flooring which beautifully sits within their recently completed new home.


“We have renovated hundreds of homes for our clients and have completed quite a few renovations for ourselves. Whilst we love renovating, designing and building something from the ground up was a completely different experience and one we really enjoyed. With renovating you are often working with many existing elements, sometimes these are even unknown. So being able to build from scratch and plan from the beginning was really refreshing.?And it’s always fun when we get to play the client! The vision for the design was to create a home that our busy family can enjoy and call home, for however long that may be. Ensuring it functions well and looks good was paramount.”


The couple selected Tromso in the colour Hennes from the Urban Instinct range or the children’s bedrooms. A soft, textured wool carpet that adds character and depth. Like every material selected in the home, a balance between wanting a modern look while still feeling warm and inviting was sought.


“When designing any project, our go-to is always a soft loop-pile carpet in a neutral colour as it creates a flexible base to layer rugs and furnishings. It’s perfect for kid’s rooms as it wears well and doesn’t leave any cleaning or foot traffic marks.?We love using wool carpets simply because of their durability, classic, timeless aesthetic and of equal importance their great feel and texture.?We chose?Tromso Hennes?for its simple chunky weave and bold texture.”



Newport Brushed Oak timber floors, also from the Urban Instinct Oak range were chosen for other areas of the home and again, the focus was on natural yet resilient materials.


“As the palette was fairly light and bright, we knew we wanted a natural oak finish to warm things up.?We love grain and character when it comes to timber, so we chose one that had a beautiful grain structure and textured feel. We wanted a wide board so we opted for a 220mm wide engineered oak timber floor. For a family of 5 including 3 children, this product is perfect. Easy to keep clean, very little maintenance. The wire brush finish works for our family as it will wear and age well. It has certainly lifted the quality level of our home.”


“Like anything, if you want a professional result, it not only comes down to the product itself. Of equal importance is the preparation and quality of installation.?We use Flooring Xtra not only for their vast product range and great service – but also for their professional installation team and attention to detail.”


The flow from room to room is seamless. The palette is contemporary and consistent. Consideration has been given to every small element and moment. The home is a showcase of their knowledge, their ideas and their creative capabilities. Bayview One is a place that is modern but warm, beautiful yet inviting and a place their family will love for years to come.