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In the unique suburb of Brookfield, the landscape is that of rural Queensland living. The blocks are generous and covered with trees and greenery. Yet a short 15-minute car trip finds you in the city of Brisbane. For Rachel Turner’s clients, they wanted to capture these small-town elements in a beautiful, practical home for their young family. Rachel and her team at Front Porch Properties set out to create a modern, coastal farmhouse set in the rolling hills. A home that was never destined to be a temporary situation but one that the family would love and enjoy for many years to come.


The home was built with the intention that this would be the family’s forever home, so it was essential that the home had a certain warmth and homeliness about it, yet exuded a fresh coastal feel at the same time. The lovely couple who own the home have a young family with four children ranging from 3 to 10 years. They also have two dogs (including a brand new puppy which they welcomed upon move-in day to christen their new home, like there wasn’t enough to sort with moving in on its own! The home had to work well for their young family and be able to adapt as the children grow up.

Family homes have their own set of special considerations when designing and building. There’s a resilience of materials and an adaptability of spaces that are required for ease of living. Tough, simple to clean and maintain, spaces for solitude and areas for communal living. It’s a big call, but giving thought to these concepts early on results in a much happier result later on. Zen Garden carpet from Flooring Xtra was specified to fit within the scheme at Project Brookfield.

When approaching the carpet choice for our client, they were very specific in that it needed to be hard wearing and blend well with their other chosen flooring finishes. It also needed to be plush under foot while working hard to repel stains as much as possible. The Zen Garden White Sand is lovely and neutral and worked beautifully off of the natural limestone and white concrete finishes they have installed throughout the home.

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Australian homes must respond to the environment around them to be truly successful and this beautiful home with its large proportions, open plan living, classic design and thoughtful material selection will look as good in ten years-time as it does today.


We are always mindful of a products durability for use in Queensland, I think the Aussie elements are harsh no matter what part you live in. I firmly believe we choose wisely in all our products, be it interior or exterior. A product needs to stand the test of time and require little maintenance. Front Porch Properties prides itself on being timeless and classic, we are only as good as our product suppliers, so we will always choose quality over quantity when it comes to recommending materials to our clients.

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