Gladstone Flooring Xtra are supporting a local charity that is dear to their hearts. Bobby Lenz, the manager of the store has known Robin, Bella’s mother, for many years from running triathlons for charity events. Bobby and Robin share a passion for supporting the local community. The store saw a resonance straight away with little Bella’s cause. Bella was diagnosed with brain cancer in September 2016 when she was 13 months. Bella had over 1/4 of her brain removed, leaving her paralysed down her right side, with no ability to swallow and eat and leaving her temporarily blind and mute. Despite undergoing 5 brain surgeries and multiple rounds of high-dose chemotherapy Bella’s aggressive tumour returned 11 months after her initial diagnosis.

Bella had surgery in September 2017 which was aborted by the surgeon due to the risk to her life if she continued. Bella’s family were then told she was terminal. Not content with this, Bella’s parents sought out Dr Charlie Teo. In October 2017 Bella underwent 2 courageous surgeries during which Dr Teo was able to successfully remove the tumour. Bella has had 3 monthly MRI scans since her surgeries with Dr Teo which have been clear until her scan at the end of October. This scan has shown a potential further re-occurrence of the tumour which is currently being monitored. Despite all she has been through Bella is a normal, cheeky, happy 3 year old girl who loves to laugh, dance and cuddle. A little miracle.

Having celebrated their 1st birthday, Gladstone Flooring Xtra has a strong community spirit, the store has shown constant support and contribution towards the “Bella The Brave” cause.  “We will continue to support “Bella the Brave” for as long as possible, as our whole team has grown to have a soft spot for little Bella,” said Jess, who works as a sales consultant for the company. The community centred family-owned small business donates $10 from every completed sale every month. Donating a total of over $2700 so far.


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