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Happy Feet

Everyone loves the feeling of carpet underfoot. From plush pile through to contemporary low-pile options, the thought of walking across carpet is synonymous with luxury, comfort and style. Carpet also can mean a relaxed space. Think about how carpet feels for the whole body, and sitting on the floor reading, watching TV, playing board games is much more likely to occur if there is carpet or rugs involved. Like any interior design decision, however, there’s a lot to consider before deciding which style and design is right for your home.

How do you live?

The first thing to do is think about how you live in your home, what each space is used for and how it looks and feels. That sounds simple right?! Carpet comes in many styles and there will be one perfect for your project. Think about who lives in the home firstly. Do you have children? What about pets? Children and pets can unsurprisingly make a little more mess than grown-up humans which is a good place to start. You will be better off with a hardy and low maintenance style, such as a loop or twist pile, which can be more hardwearing. Of course, a forgiving shade will also be helpful with the children and pet scenario! If you have a family, the carpet can also be fantastic in absorbing noise as well to keep everyone in the house happy. If you’re a household with no children or pets, perhaps a luxurious plush pile is an option for you?

Corkwood Gravel

Corkwood- Gravel


What are the spaces to consider?

Even with the above in mind, there are rooms in a home which are less likely to be spoilt by spills or marks, such as a bedroom for example. Jumping (or slowly crawling) out of bed in the morning onto warm and comfortable carpet is one of life’s small luxuries. If you are greatly concerned by maintenance in other areas, such as family and meal zones, you can team your carpet back with other gorgeous hard flooring options, such as timber, laminates, vinyl planks or tiles for example. Spaces such as formal sitting rooms, theatre and study spaces are also less likely to be impacted by food and drink damage, so the soft and tactile carpet can be lovely in these spaces too.

Forest Retreat Blackbutt

Forest Retreat Australian Species- Blackbutt


How do you want it to look and feel?

‘Form follows function’ as the old adage goes and it couldn’t be truer in this instance. While it is important to first consider what type of carpet that would work well in your home, coming a very close second is how you want it to look (of course!). In your mind, you will no doubt have an idea of how you would like your home to look. Is it relaxed? Coastal? Luxe? Cutting edge? From here, you can take the keywords and help apply them to the style and colour of your carpet. As mentioned, thicker piles tend to add more glamour and luxury, while shorter loop and twist piles are more relaxed in their appearance. A carpet which is darker will impact the space greatly, making it more intimate and cosy, while a lighter carpet will open up space.

Zen Garden Green Tea

Zen Garden- Green Tea


Working with existing features.

Of course, there may be other factors which may impact your decision, such as if you’re renovating. In this situation, there may be fixtures and finishes which need to be worked with, such as paints, timbers and even other carpets. The first place to start is to consider the building itself and the interior design intent. For example, if you’re looking for a fresh renovation in a family home which is not a period style, you may consider a loop pile, which is a casual look. If you’re restoring a period home and still want a classic look, a thicker pile could be appropriate. If you’re working with existing carpets in other spaces, try to match as closely as possible in terms of colour, style and construction. Consider fading and wear as well. If you have a warm colour scheme (such as browns, creams etc) then try to find a carpet colour which is in the same family, just as you may choose a grey carpet if you have a cooler colour scheme existing. You may also have stairs and other structures to contend with. How will you address this? The carpet could continue up the stairs, or it could be made a feature and be constructed in another material such as timber. The options are certainly endless!


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