House Rules 2020

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Flooring Xtra is a proud supplier of Channel 7’s House Rules in 2020. Watch as renovation meets innovation with the most magical home transformations to inspire your own styling journey. This year’s High Stakes series is sure to surprise and delight with inspiring ideas that you can re-create in your own home. If you’ve spotted Flooring Xtra products on House Rules, you’ll be able to find and shop them right here.

House Rules Home Reno 1

Kayne & Aimee | Cranbourne South, VIC

The team did an excellent job this week renovating Kayne and Aimee’s forever home. From brick bunker to light & bright modern eco ranch.

Our timber flooring Vineyard Oak was the perfect option for that modern eco ranch vibe!

House Rules

1 Create a light filled, modern, eco ranch

2 Embrace texture, upcycling and wood

3 Be soft and subtle with colours

4 Think inside out with the bathroom

5 Bring relaxation and the rainforest into our master

House Rules Home Reno 2

Laith & George | Oakhurst, NSW

House Rules

1  Create a suave & sophisticated, masculine home

2  Style with deep, heritage colours

3  We’ll be looking for the finer details and quality craftsmanship

4  Give us a VIP lounge fit for distinguished gentlemen….like us

5  Open up, for family gatherings

Featured hard flooring: Coastal Haven in Shoreham

Featured carpet: Tromso Rolla

Coastal Haven Shoreham Range
Tromso Rolla House Rules Channel 7 featured carpet
flooring xtra house rules on 7
flooring xtra house rules on 7

House Rules Home Reno 3

Tanya & Dave | Perth, WA

House Rules

  1. Give us a natural, coastal, family home
  2. Storage solutions for the whole family
  3. Layer and texture with rattan and cane
  4. Deliver with refined use of whites and dusty tones
  5. We’d love a break from the kids upstairs

Featured hard flooring: Aquasmart Washed Oak

Aquasmart in washed oak

House Rules Home Reno 4

Tamara & Rhys | Brisbane, QLD

House Rules

  1. Design an integrated, clutter free, minimalist home
  2. We want sleek finishes and modern lines
  3. Pepper with jewel tones
  4. Deliver a wow in every room
  5. Give Rhys a paradise to pump iron

Featured hard flooring: Aqualife Viking Oak

Aqualife Viking Oak swatch

House Rules Home Reno 5

Lenore & Bradley | Greystanes, NSW

House Rules

  1. We would love a refreshed Hamptons Home
  2. Open up with light and love
  3. Give us the blues
  4. Deliver elegance with contemporary, clean and crisp wet areas
  5. My grandson Aiden deserves a nursery fit for a prince

Featured carpet: Corfu Tranquility

Featured hard flooring: Silva Ridge Candelo Oak

Corfu Tranquility
Silva Ridge Candelo Oak
House Rules High Stakes Flooring Xtra silva ridge
House Rules High Stakes Flooring Xtra corfu tranqulity
House Rules High Stakes Flooring Xtra silva ridge
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