The relationship between all elements of a home is considered in great detail by an interior designer. The way the materials sit against one another, the flow of one space to another and how people interact with furniture, layouts and the décor. In the world of flooring, the same can be said. Flooring can complement and complete a room and making a selection is an important stage of any renovation or new home build. Lauren Keenan’s latest podcast episode, How to Select Custom Furniture explores all areas of the topic, from research through to the important questions we need to ask ourselves when designing such a specific piece. In many ways, the principles can also be applied to choosing flooring at home!

Furniture and flooring work together to form a harmonious space. The colour, materiality and style all come into play. One can already exist without the other (if you’re choosing new furniture but keeping the flooring, for example) or you could be choosing everything from scratch. Either way, keep both elements in mind when making selections.



Whether hard or soft flooring, colour is one of the biggest considerations. The key is to have a clear idea of the look you’re trying to achieve in mind. Head to your favourite place for inspiration (online, books, magazines, travel memories etc.) and see if you can see any patterns. Are there colours that reoccur? This is a good starting place. Collect flooring swatches and hold it against the material, leather or timber of your new furniture. Do they clash or feel harmonious? Move them around the room to observe the light at different times of the day. There’s no right or wrong. Colours can contrast heavily for a dramatic feel, or be more tonal for a calmer, more serene look.



The type of flooring that will sit under the furniture will also impact what items you choose. Again, there are no hard and fast rules, but there are certain things to keep in mind. Hard flooring under meals and dining furniture will be easier to maintain. Carpet under sofas in home theatres can help to absorb noise or under a bed can add a level of luxury, for example.



Style refers to the look or feel you’re trying to achieve. Coastal, contemporary, rustic, laid-back, bohemian etc. etc. Create a mood board of your favourite spaces and refer back to it when choosing both flooring and furniture. Ask yourself, does this piece/ flooring lend itself to the style? Contemporary tends to have a less fussy feel while a classic interior can handle more decorative elements.


Protect your flooring

Whatever flooring and furniture you do choose, ensure you protect the flooring from the furniture itself. Place protective mats under desk chairs with wheels and felt pads under furniture legs. Rugs are another great option to protect hard flooring from heavy furniture. Enjoy your flooring for longer by using some of the above options to minimise scratching and indentations.




Lauren’s custom furniture advice

Lauren has an abundance of advice on her podcast (including one of our favourites episodes, How to choose beautiful timber flooring). In her latest episode, she explores custom furniture. How to ask the right questions to ensure you will love the items you design. Who will be using the space? How will it be used? These are also excellent starting points for choosing flooring, by the way! She also talks about how important research is in any design decision. Being informed will always put you in the best possible position to choose a product you will love for years to come.

Listen to the At Home with Lauren Keenan podcast here.


Lauren Keenan Podcast


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