It’s been well documented that Australian’s live in some of the largest homes in the world. While we’re lucky to live within such vast spaces every day, this is not everyone’s reality. Some people live in modestly sized homes, or apartments and units. There are other homes which may appear large on the outside, but from the inside, each individual space feels small and cramped.

While you may not be able to extend up and out to achieve more room literally, there are some design hacks which can create the illusion of space. Here’s how flooring comes into play.


  • There are several factors which influence how we perceive the size of a space and light is a major factor. Darker floors draw our eyes down, defining the boundaries of a room, influencing the viewer’s perception of the room’s width and depth. With this in mind, steer towards lighter tones when selecting both hard and soft flooring which will reflect rather than absorb the natural light.


Forest Retreat Aust Species Blackbutt

  • With recent technological advancements, the same flooring can run through the whole home, including in wet areas. With some products waterproof, the seamless look and feel of certain Hybrid and Vinyl floors create a flow, without the changing of materials which generally occurs. The eye glides through the rooms without a visual stoppage.

Arnhem Land Mountain Ash Spotted Gum lifestyle image

Arnhem Land Mountain Ash Spotted Gum


  • The direction the flooring is installed will play a role in how big or small space will appear. As a general rule of thumb, laying the boards parallel to the longest wall will help.

AquaLife Snowy Mountain Spotted Gum

AquaLife Snowy Mountain Spotted Gum

  • The actual size of a timber or timber-look board influences the feeling of space too. Larger boards look fantastic, particularly in contemporary homes blessed with space, or that is open plan in style. If space is not at a premium, wide boards can help visually. The wide boards will create less of a distraction with minimal lines and seams.

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  • The addition of rugs in the home brings warmth and interest, depending on colours, textures and patterns that are chosen. It’s very important to choose the correct size of rug to ensure that the space doesn’t feel compromised. As a guide, the rug should be larger than the furniture it’s placed under. For example, in a living space, the rug should be longer than the sofa and preferably have at least the front two legs of the sofa sitting on top of it. At the end of the day, a rug helps a room feel cosy- so if space is very tight, it may be best to do without it at all.

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