It’s well known that a rug can protect the floors underneath from everyday wear and tear, but what about the rug itself? Your beautiful new rug deserves just as much attention and care to keep it looking like new for years to come. Here are some hints to keep your rug looking fresh.

Skandi 300 ‘Brown Carlos’


Dry vacuum regularly – once a week is recommended, preferably using a plain upright suction vacuum cleaner. Turbo or revolving head vacuums may result in rugs getting a frizzy look. If you are using beater bars or adjustable head vacuums, apply the lightest settings. Vacuuming lifts dirt and grit which if left over time will wear down the pile of the rug and potentially leave marks. It’s also worth noting that as rugs act as a barrier to the floor underneath, they tend to trap lots of dirt, so get on top of that regular vacuuming!

Odyssey 130 ‘Multi’

Professional Cleaning

If you can manage, nothing beats getting your rug professionally cleaned. The frequency will depend on the location of the rug and how much traffic it sees. Rugs in areas where there’s food, pets, children, craft or other elements involved might also impact how often you need to get the rug cleaned. Ultimately, this would be a few times a year.

Hudson 801 ‘Multi’


Rotating your rug every six months will see the pile of the rug wearing more evenly. If there’s furniture placed on top of the rug it can help to move it slightly each time too, so indentations are spread across the pile. Really heavy furniture can damage the rug so if possible try not to place on top of your rug or use furniture coasters under the legs.

Atrium Multi Round ‘Tutti’

Clean Up Spills Promptly 

Just like carpet, the prompt cleaning of spills will minimise permanent staining and marking. Each rug material will vary slightly with care but in general, ensure you act quickly to remove a stain. Scoop or vacuum up as much as possible and then blot any liquid with a damp, clean cloth. Do not scrub the stain! Work from the outer edge of the stain and work inwards to ensure the stain does not spread. You can read more about rug stain care and how to treat different fibre styles here.

Zanzibar 761 ‘Navy’

Shoes Off! 

Keeping shoes off the rug will minimise any transfer of dirt or grit from the soles of shoes to the rug. It’s easy to unknowingly bring the outside in with shoes so it’s a great idea to have a completely shoe-free home if possible for the benefit of all your flooring, soft or hard.

Studio 324 ‘Silver Texture’

Be Mindful of Direct Sun

Harsh sunlight can damage rugs just as it can carpet, causing fading if particularly direct or strong. This is where window treatments come into play. If you have blinds, curtains or shutters, keep them closed on very warm days. This will help keep the home cool and reduce fading of your rug at the same time. Rotating your rug will help even the effects of sun damage as well.

Museum Round 867 ‘Rust’

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