Rugs are an excellent way to complete an interior particularly those with hard flooring. They add colour, texture, warmth or pattern to the room depending on what sort of style your room is. With our broad range appealing to even the fussiest or most particular of tastes. From traditional to modern, rectangular to round and everything in between – there’s a design for everyone and every room. Choosing between so many options can feel overwhelming though so you may wish to consider the following tips.


Texture. If there are several “cool” finishes in your home, such as stone, tiles or concrete, a textured rug will warm the space and provide contrast to all the smooth surfaces. It will absorb some noise too! Try wools, tufted or chunky woven styles.

Saffron – White 44

Size. While there are no firm rules here, a rug generally looks best when it is bigger than the largest item it is sitting near or against. This only needs to be slightly smaller to make the difference. This could be your sofa for example.

Skandi – Natural Herringbone 308Skandi – Natural Herringbone 308

Placement. depending on the size of your room, rugs can frame and zone certain spaces within one area. For example, the living area in an open-plan living/dining room. Anchoring the front feet of a sofa under the rug can help make the rug seem like it’s not “floating” in the space.

Zulu – Black Traditional 5833

Colour. Many people struggle to select a colour for their rug and with so many options available this is understandable. Look around the room. Try to pick up a colour from what already exists, such as a cushion or artwork and start there. Or sometimes in a more colourful interior, a neutral rug, such as grey or beige can pull together the look without competing with the palette.

Visions – Silver Diamond 5051Visions – Silver Diamond 5051

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