Replacing carpet with new, or installing carpet in your new home is a big investment. So how do you ensure your beautiful new carpet lasts? There are simple maintenance tips that can increase the life of your carpet that are worth following so you can enjoy it for years to come.



Vacuuming regularly will not only keep the house spick and span but it will also help protect the carpet. Dirt and grit wear the carpet with its abrasiveness, so it makes sense to vacuum frequently. Make sure to use an appropriate vacuum head for the carpet you have – avoid a rotating head as it can cause fuzziness. Not ideal!

Vacuum Cleaner Carpet

Professional Cleaning

Carpet always looks fantastic after it’s professionally cleaned, they have all the right equipment and knowledge to lift stains and deep clean the carpet in a way that can be tricky to achieve yourself. We recommend getting the professionals in periodically.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Be Quick with Spills

As soon as you can, remove and treat stains and spills. Scoop up and remove as much as the spill before doing anything else. Once you’ve done that, blot with a clean white cloth or paper towel, always from the outer-most ring inwards. Never (EVER!) scrub the stain or spill. Don’t bring the outdoors in!


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