There’s nothing better than freshening up the home, whether it be a lick of paint, a new sofa or flooring. But when the purse strings are tight, it can feel completely out of reach to replace fixtures and fittings at home, let alone a whole new home of flooring. Similarly, it can seem like a burden to spend cash on a home you’re hoping to sell, even when you know that a well-presented home could bring you a higher price. So how can you achieve the best possible flooring look without breaking the bank? Here are some of our tips when renovating for sale or keeps with products from our Exclusive Brands Sale


While it can be tempting to throw a rug over a particularly bad patch of flooring, it’s not advised that you completely “hide” this damage from potential buyers if you’re selling your home. Use rugs to help people imagine what living in your home might be like. Add colour or interest with a rug in a dull room or to lighten a dark space. You can also utilise rugs to define a living space in an open plan living/ dining area. The use of a rug can detract from flooring in poor condition, but as mentioned, it shouldn’t cover it completely. Most importantly, choose a rug that you love which can come with you to your new home!

If you’re keen on a fresh, new look for your own home, rugs are always a good idea. If you have damaged flooring but can’t afford to have it fixed or replaced, use rugs to disguise the marks (unlike when you’re trying to sell!!). Don’t skimp on a rug that’s too small to save money- it’s never worth it! The rug should be bigger than the largest item in the room (such as a sofa or dining table) otherwise it can look like an afterthought….

AquaSmart+ Hybrid Flooring Exclusive Brands Sale

Studio – Silver Texture 324


When you’re preparing your home for sale, the damaged carpet becomes very apparent to the vendor. As a potential purchaser wanders through, they will likely see badly marked or worn carpet. If the carpet is not in the best condition, consider replacing it. It might seem extravagant, but like walls in need of a paint, seemingly small things can put a potential buyer off purchasing completely. Replacing the carpet, even in the bedrooms, is one less thing for them to think about and pay for when they move in. If you plan on keeping the carpet for the sales campaign, make an effort to remove scuffs and marks before the first open for inspection.

The key to selecting a carpet for your campaign is to not only find a style and colour true to the home’s architecture and interior, but also a design that has broad appeal. While we’re all about coloured carpet, this could be considered polarising to some. Best to stick to simple styles in a tone that is current but not likely to date.

Winter Solstice Tribe

Winter Solstice in the colour Tribe

If you’re wanting to replace the carpet in your home which you’re not selling, there are plenty of budget-friendly styles out there that will be sure to spruce up your home. Solution-dyed nylons, for example, are synthetic but replicate the look and feel of luxury wools without the price tag.

Hard Flooring

No matter how careful you might be, there can be some scratches and marks on your timber or timber-look flooring after years of foot-traffic. While you could replace the whole floor, this is something that is quite a personal decision and probably best left to the purchaser if you’re selling (unless the Estate Agent feels it’s particularly necessary). Try to make your current flooring look as good as it can, keeping it clean and dust-free.


Coastal Haven Hybrid Flooring

Coastal Haven Hybrid Flooring in the colour ‘Shoreham Range

Forest Retreat Blackbutt

Forest Retreat Timber in the colour Blackbutt Narrow Width 

When you want to replace flooring for yourself with a timber or timber look product, try to steer towards vinyl planks or hybrid styles. Luxury vinyl, in particular, is a very cost-effective way to give your flooring a new look. Available in a large range of colours and styles, there will no doubt be something that catches your eye. Remember, if you have timber hardwood floors which are damaged, you can have these repaired and even re-stained. It might seem like a lot of money at the time- but flooring is an investment.

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