Love it or list it

Love It Or List It Australia Season 5


Original Love it or List it Australia is back for its fifth blockbuster season, with hosts Neale Whitaker and Andrew Winter again racing to help more families at a cross-roads – should they renovate or relocate?

Winter, renowned for his extensive experience in the real estate industry brings his candid advice and valuable market insights, along with Whitaker, one of Australia’s foremost style gurus with an impeccable eye for detail and flair, will help property owners across Australia who are faced with one of life’s challenging decisions, to renovate or relocate.

This much-loved property series with its signature blend of real estate reality and design inspiration promises to bring another season filled with surprising twists and stunning transformations as homeowners negotiate their housing dilemmas. It’s one of the biggest decisions of their lives, with stakes made even higher this


EPISODE 1: Windsor, QLD

Queensland Homeowners Brett and Anita and their two adult children are all living under the one roof in the Brisbane suburb, Windsor.
These days many kids are staying home longer which is fine however

Team List It Brett feels the layout in their small old Queenslander is not conducive to what their needs are as individuals. They all find it hard to have their own space and privacy.
Anita feels it is time for a change, but the change is not to move.

She is ready to create her forever home that she can enjoy and really get excited about whenever she walks through the front door.

Can Neale make this old Queenslander conducive to 21st century family living? Or, will Andrew make it very easy for them to just move into a new home with plenty more space and privacy for them all?

EPISODE 2: Wheelers Hill, VIC

Empty nesters Karen & Paul have lived in their Wheelers Hill home in Victoria for 22 years. She yearns to leave her suburban life behind in search of sun, surf and sand if not city.
Paul wants to stay just where he is. Can Neale transform their suburban home into a retreat worthy of staying and enjoying or will Mr Winter out-do him and find Karen & Paul their next chapter.

EPISODE 3: Earlwood, NSW

Newlyweds Tamara and Stef’s two-bedroom inner west townhouse was originally built by Tamara’s grandparents in the 1970’s. The home is so sentimental to Tamara, and she is reluctant to leave. Stef hopes they will be adding to their family soon and wants a home that’s bigger and more suitable for an additional little person. Will Andrew be able to find a beautiful home for the newlyweds within budget in the Blue Mountains or Northern Beaches or will sentimentality prevail?

EPISODE 4: Sandgate, QLD

Kristin and Di met online and on their first in-person date they knew they would get married. Di has fallen out of love with the Queenslander home she lives in with her wife Kristin. They adore the coastal Sandgate area in Brisbane and all the vibrancy of its nearby bars, cafes and shops.

Unfortunately, the pair are just totally stuck on what to do with the layout. Kris says the bones of the house are good, plus location, location, location however the house is all rooms within rooms, within rooms.

While Kristin appreciates the floorplan is challenging, she is confident that Neale can deliver the family a workable solution. Or perhaps Andrew will bring the love of a new home for both Di and Kris?

EPISODE 5: Prahran, VIC

Prahran residents, Anna and Joel are a happily married couple with two young children who love their suburb but dislike their home the way it is.

The original plan after purchasing ‘the worst house on the best street’ was to knock it down and start again. But having their second child, living through covid, and watching interest rates rising in the current climate saw them have to abandon this plan.

Sensible financial planner Joel thinks the right renovation will solve all their problems as they absolutely love where they live just not the house they live in. Anna is confident there’s something out there much more suited to their lifestyle and two young growing children.


Sydney Sutherland Shire locals Blake and Mel are in the throes of navigating early parenthood with a home that does not work them and their toddler Benny.

Blake is confident a renovation is all they need to transform their house into their dream home.

Team List it Mel doesn’t think this will solve all their problems and thinks there’s another home in the area that would be better suited. Neither of them is budging with their opinions and it’s time to call in the experts.


Long suffering Melbourne wife Leonie has been wanting to move house for the last 18 years.

She is firmly on team list it and wants Andrew to find them a family home closer to the hustle and bustle of city
life, so she can leave suburbia and the car behind.

Team Love it Noel on the other hand, still loves the
project home they built and believes a tweak of their current floor plan can solve their argument.

Can Andrew find them a home that ticks all the boxes, or will Neale renovate their abode that makes Leonie
wants to stay another 18 years?


Sydney couple Hayley & Paul are about to welcome a brand-new baby to their Cromer home.

Hayley doesn’t think the home is fit for purpose while Paul believes it’s his castle and refuses to see otherwise. Will Andrew be able to find alternative properties for a growing family and open Paul’s eyes or will Neale transform their post war home into a beachside contemporary home Hayley can love?
LIOLI_S5_Labrador_ Photo 1 - AFTER_Living-min


Professional couple Nicola and Richard’s Labrador home on the Gold Coast is bursting at the seams. Team love it Richard feels their home’s layout just needs a few adjustments.

Team List it Nicola,on the other hand feels she has ridden this wave on their Labrador home and believes there are many other great locations to chase on the GC.

Neale is determined to make his new design concepts transform this house into a modern beach home. But with Andrew’s home ground advantage – will that be enough?


Corporate power couple and competitive athletes, Brad and Mel are a happily married couple who find every time they discuss renovating or moving it ends with them booking a holiday due to failing to reach any form of conclusion.

Brad thinks opening up their kitchen to the back deck and pool will make it their perfect home, but Mel craves a lifestyle near the ocean.

Can Neale inject some new life into a very small floorplan, or will Andrew find them a new home, better suited to this dynamic couple’s, next phase of