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Designer's Guide To Choosing Carpet

Designer's Guide To Choosing Carpet

Are you looking to buy a carpet and don’t know where to start?

Wool, Synthetic, Envirotred Underlay… there are many different types of carpet to choose from.

However, Don’t Worry… Interior Stylist Lauren Keenan has put together a designer’s guide for finding the best carpet for your home.

Listen to this episode of the podcast so you can hear Lauren’s expert tips on finding the best carpet for your family and your home.

Interior Design Trends

Award-Winning podcast host Lauren Keenan discusses the top interior design tips for 2022.

After two years of working from home, we are now adjusting to returning to the office. Your home is your sanctuary, which means when you come home, you want somewhere that feels fresh & provides a place to relax for the year ahead.

Lauren provides tips on styling your home by emerging a range of elements such as flooring, carpet and rugs to fit your style and have your friends and family paying you compliments!

How to Create a Custom Sofa

How to Create a Custom Sofa

Your sofa often provides the building blocks for your colour choices and soft furnishings in a living space.

In this episode, Australia’s leading interior stylist, Lauren Keenan, shares her insights on how to make the right design choices in creating a custom sofa

A custom sofa not only anchors your living space, but allows you to match your surrounding floors, whether that be timberlaminatevinyl, or hybrid flooring.

At Home with Lauren Keenan

At Home with Lauren Keenan

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Lauren Keenan on her award-winning podcast across four episodes.

Lauren is an experienced interior designer who uses her podcast to provide valuable information about all things design.

Flooring Xtra’s Catherine, will be discussing how to choose the right flooring for your home, with hosts Lauren and husband Scott, on their upcoming episode going live this Saturday 19th February!

New Year > Who Dis?

At Home with Lauren Keenan

We are very happy to announce a new collaboration with experienced interior design stylish Lauren Keenan.

Lauren Keenan’s podcast ‘At Home with Lauren Keenan’ discusses all things home, lifestyle and interior design.

The partnership begins on Saturday 19 February 2022. And it includes weekly episodes dedicated to timber flooring options, carpet and how to choose the right flooring for your home.

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