Selling Houses Australia Series 12


For Sale: Dilapidated dwelling dedicated to cats! Along with their own cats; Lyn and her 3 daughters have fostered abandoned kittens in the Normanhurst family home for decades. The result: clawful. Not surprisingly, when Lyn listed the place for sale there wasn’t much interest. Daughter, Jo, decided ripping up the carpets and throwing away all the furniture, would distract from the damage and “give buyers a blank canvas”. Now Lyn is left with a couch, a bed, 3 cats and a home she can’t sell. Can Shaynna and Charlie avert a cat-a-strophe and flip this place from feral to purr-fect.


Mother of three Donyal, needs a miracle before she falls off a financial cliff. The bright idea of opening a café to pay the mortgage didn’t work out. Now she has to cut her losses there and sell the family home. Busy with the girls activities and her failing business, maintenance has been neglected and while the bank is knocking on the door; the buyers are not. Donyal’s desperate for an escape route, so the team will need to pull off a sensational makeover to help her thwart impending disaster.


Would you pay $4 Million for a 2-bedroom, heritage listed home with one tiny, ugly bathroom? No? Well neither would anyone else! Fran and Fred have been trying to offload their home in Balmain for over 3 years with no luck. What the house lacks in modern conveniences it more than makes up for with magnificent views of Sydney Harbour, but gun-shy buyers are not keen on tackling such a large and complex renovation. Fred’s attempts at home improvements have only made a bad situation worse, so Shaynna and Charlie will need to roll back the years, and some very dodgy DIY work, to drag this home into the 21st century.


How does a real estate agent sell her own house? First, she spends twenty years styling it with nudes and home-made mosaic surfaces! Add some leaky skylights, plus the by-products of a large dog and it should sell easily, right? Not. Fleur and Tony have loved their unusual house, raising four children amongst the quirky art pieces and chunky architecture, but it’s time to concentrate on their charity in Bali and downsize. Andrew needs to convince Fleur that her unique style might not be a match for many buyers.


Indiana is living the dream, with million-dollar views through every window of her Gold Coast houseboat. Children Toby and Telulah love the ‘liveaboard’ life but they’re sharing a room and with Tobi approaching his teens, Indiana’s keen to upgrade to a vessel with three cabins. In a Selling Houses Australia first; Charlie and Shaynna are on a mission to vamp up this vessel past seaworthy into sale-worthy!


Childhood sweethearts Krissy and Tyson and their two kids love Euroa. Their half acre block is struggling to contain a modest dwelling and enough room for the family of four and their pets; including award-winning sheep Carly! They’ve outgrown the place and can’t wait to build on the acre block they bought nearby with ‘room for a pony’. Moving to the next stage of their lives, however, depends on the sale of this house. 12 months on the market now with no takers, the two mortgages are straining family finances, even with multiple jobs. Cousin Shane, also their real estate agent; needs a better product to get this place sold.


When James agreed to buy a home with his wife and in-laws, the proviso was separate living rooms …for sanity and seclusion! The two couples settled on a house in Brisbane’s Jamboree Heights where they share the costs … and the kitchen. Five years on, the family has grown to include two children for James and wife Jade. Add a dozen pets and chooks and the place bursting at the seams! Charlie and Shaynna will need to create something a little special so they can sell up and this family tree can finally branch out!

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