Selling Houses Australia Season 16



Award-winning host and real estate expert Andrew Winter is once again joined by design expert Wendy Moore and landscape designer Dennis Scott for another series of the much-loved property renovation show.

With a record run of interest rate increases, crippling cost of living pressures and skyrocketing property prices, it’s never been more difficult to transform Australia’s unsellable property disasters into must have homes.

But the Selling Houses team are never shy of a challenge, as this series they take on a decrepit inner-Melbourne house – neglected for decades, a tiny timber cottage – rundown and bursting at the seams, and a Sydney house they literally need to turn upside down.   Plus, not content with just the worst house on any given street, this series they’ve also taken on a Queensland beach shack, a country church and even….. a bus!

Andrew, Wendy and Dennis not only deliver advice and makeovers that could change these homeowner’s lives, but they also provide a wealth of real estate knowledge, design tips and money-smart style ideas that anyone can achieve in their own homes – whether they’re selling or not.


It’s the same Selling Houses Australia full of fresh ideas and amazing stories, but this year, the odds have never been stacked higher.

Episode 1

In the Hunter region Trish and her late husband bought a church to convert and become their forever home. When he sadly died she was left grieving and with a half finished project. Now she needs to sell so she can move to South Australia to care for her mum who lives with dementia. But the scale of the work needed to finish the holy home is putting buyers off. It has no street appeal, it’s unclear where the main entry is and the entire building is in dire need of a paint job. Inside, it's hard to see through the clutter to the historic building beneath. The DIY kitchen needs to feel finished and the open plan means the bedroom severely lacks privacy. Can the Selling Houses team perform miracles and help Trish start a new life? Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Selling Houses on Foxtel.

Episode 2

After raising 10 kids, Jackie and Terry were ready to sell the enormous family home on the Mornington Peninsula, retire and hit the road. The market, however, had other ideas, and their target price of 1.6 million met with zero interest. Local buyers favour turnkey properties they can move into without doing anything – not a ginormous 5 bedder 20 years out of date with an impossibly small kitchen. An urgent upgrade is desperately needed, but with a limited budget and so much to do, it was all down to Wendy and Dennis to show it’s not size that matters, its what you do with it that counts. Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Selling Houses on Foxtel.

Episode 3

Brothers Wade and Dale’s dad Ken recently died, and they are now tasked with the enormous job of selling his huge property in Sydney’s Windsor Downs. Ken had previously tried to sell but the dated, dark house and overgrown garden didn’t attract buyers. The brothers cannot afford to keep the house due to high maintenance costs, rates and taxes so they urgently need it to sell. They hope the Selling Houses team will be able to transform this rundown property back to its former glory and make it the perfect fit for family buyers. Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Selling Houses on Foxtel.

Episode 4

Sarah and Tom bought a house in Tumby Bay in South Australia and moved with their three young boys. They wanted to extend the house but Sarah bought a rundown bus instead.
They tried to renovate it, but made it worse. They realised they lacked the skills and it’s been sitting in their backyard ever since. Sarah and Tom are experiencing the pressure of increased interest rates on their mortgage and are struggling to keep up. They’ve tried to sell it to recoup some of their money, but nobody wants it. They need help. So, in a Selling Houses first, we’re taking on the greatest challenge yet. A bus.
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Episode 5

Sonya and Dan thought they’d found their forever home in Turramurra, in Sydney’s affluent northern suburbs. They renovated to create the perfect house to raise 2 young kids - but 14 years later, those same kids need much more space, and the forever home doesn’t seem so forever.

After 2 sales campaigns, Sonya and Dan didn’t receive a single offer – their unusual floorplan a huge turnoff for the market. Wendy and Dennis can make the best of a bad hand, but to get anywhere near the target price of 2.5 million, Sonya and Dan’s house needs fundamental changes, and the biggest number Wendy has ever asked for. In a Selling Houses Australia first, Wendy will completely change the floorplan to a new layout that will transform the house, giving it a beautiful new kitchen with an invaluable indoor outdoor connection, a luxurious sanctuary-like lounge / dining, and creating a brand new master with ensuite.

Our biggest ever reno did the job, and Sonya and Dan were able to celebrate selling for 2.73 million, more than enough for them to start thinking about their next move to a larger house for their growing family.

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Episode 6

For the last 6 years, Bec & Jared and their young family have been loving life on the Gold Coast. When an investment property in a nearby suburb came up, the opportunity to secure their financial future was too good to miss. They bought an 80’s build 4 bedder in Mermaid Waters for 1.55 million dollars, with the idea to knock it down, rebuild and sell for a profit, helping to reduce their existing mortgage. But suddenly – everything went wrong. The builders pulled out, Bec lost her job and the interest rates skyrocketed, leaving this young family unable to afford their plans and with TWO mortgages to pay. They tried to sell, but lowball offers of 1.1 million meant they were looking at half a million loss!

With only 80 thousand dollars for renovations, Wendy and Dennis have to work miracles; the house is lacking the crucial indoor outdoor connection desired by local buyers, has an impossibly small kitchen and is horribly dated. Outside areas include a great pool and could be a huge asset – but with limited access, a rotten deck and neglected gardens – it’s anything but. The pressure’s on – can Wendy and Dennis flip the script and help this young family back into the black? After a whirlwind Reno the market decides – and Bec & Jared can celebrate selling for 1.65 million – a 100 thousand more than they bought it for!
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Episode 7

In Sydney’s idyllic Sutherland Shire, Nicky, Danny and their kids have outgrown their fibro cottage. The family’s climbing the walls. So, they need to move to a bigger home. But they can’t sell their existing one. Buyers feel there’s too much work needed to bring the place up to scratch and the façade, with its exterior that is painted 50 shades of brown, is a deal breaker too. The rear deck is rickety and there isn’t even an off-road car parking space. Inside, the kitchen and bathroom are crying out for a new lease on life. But a full reno with a large budget could lead the family to over capitalise on their investment, and there’s a real chance they could end up losing money. So, they key is to keep the budget modest and make the most of what the family already have. Bringing out the vintage charm of this cottage to make it appeal to the next family is Wendy and Dennis’ key challenge. But can they pull it off on a paired back budget? Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Selling Houses on Foxtel.

Episode 8

Macca’s beach shack is just moments from the glorious Sunshine Coast’s Mudjimba Beach. You would imagine people would be tripping over themselves to buy in such a lucrative location… Well, they are… they just don’t want Macca’s house. The problem is it it’s not appealing to passersby, doesn’t have connectivity from the house to the garden and the floorplan lacks functionality. Macca needs a fresh start. Most of this cancer survivor’ pension goes towards paying off his mortgage as well as on-going medical expenses. He wants to get out of debt and move closer to his family. But his house has been sitting on the market without interest. Can our Selling Houses team turn this dingy man cave into a sun-drenched, tropical beach house? Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Selling Houses on Foxtel.

Episode 9

Sam and Rosie have been trying to sell the old family house for over five months, but it’s an eyesore on a major intersection. It’s been on the market for five months. They want $1,200,000, but it’s an eyesore on a major intersection. The one offer they did get was $920,000, which they rejected. The dilemma is that Sam needs to give up work for his health so they need to sell ASAP to have enough money to retire. Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Selling Houses on Foxtel.

Episode 10

In Western Sydney Tina and Mick want to start a new chapter in life. Their kids have flown the coup and they want to start transitioning towards retirement. So they’ve had their house on the market for a year but it hasn’t sold. Despite receiving a very healthy early offer, they were holding out for more. But as time has gone on the offers have got lower and lower and now they’re stuck in a rut. The house has more than its fair share of problems that are putting buyers off. It’s on a battle axe plot, it’s back to front and the layout downstairs suffers as a result of it having been a display home dropped on a block it wasn’t suited to. The décor and design is well and truly stuck in and 1980’s time warp and outside the key issue is making the home feel like it has a discernable front and back. But with only a very modest budget, can Wendy and Dennis turn this house around and get Tina and Mick the sale they so desperately need? Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Selling Houses on Foxtel.