Space Invaders Season 3

Bigger and better, and with a new co-host, series three in 2023 will help families confront their overwhelming physical and emotional burdens and stop them from drowning in utter clutter, amid the most awe-inspiring transformation of their lives.

This season our intrepid team of remarkable and passionate Space Invaders are the returning dynamic duo of declutter guru Peter Walsh and renovation queen Cherie Barber, joined by treasure hunter Angie Kent (Gogglebox, Bachelorette).

They will show those in need how to literally clear their way to newfound happiness at home. Each week the Space Invaders will help desperate families lighten their homes and their hearts with amazing renovations and unbelievably huge transformations, while sharing decluttering tips and other tricks that can help us all improve our lives. Angie, with a love of upcycling and finding new ways to bring old things back to life, uncovers each family’s treasured possessions, discovering their history and helping to rejuvenate them to take a special new place in a brand new space.

Peter’s mission is to lower the load of physical and emotional baggage that has overtaken homes and strained relationships, while empowering people to let go and live the life they deserve, happily clutter-free.

Cherie then takes on the most ambitious renovations yet, turning rooms that were once a jumbled mess into spectacular, jaw-dropping spaces that leave the homeowners gobsmacked.

Watch the emotional stakes rise to unprecedented levels as the extraordinary work of the Space Invaders gives these overwhelmed Aussies the helping hand they need the most – making entire families speechless and full of gratitude.


The team has done it again!

Since her traumatic IVF journey to have kids and a painful marriage breakup, Jill has struggled to let go of anything from the past.

The downstairs rumpus room that was once her ex-husband’s man cave has become swamped with clutter and bad memories.

Peter helps Jill confront her emotional baggage, Cherie tackles a difficult renovation, while Angie discovers rare and valuable family heirlooms.

A Merseyside Classic Norwood Spotted Gum was installed.
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Episode 3

How good was episode 3 of Space Invaders

Jo and Shayne’s home is overrun by sentimental clutter and their teenage sons Jack and Matt are embarrassed to invite friends over.

The double garage that was for the boys and dad Shayne to bond while building motorbikes together is unusable.

And with mum Jo now battling a chronic medical condition, the family is in crisis. Peter helps them let go of the past, Cherie creates modern entertainment zones and a flexible workshop, while Angie brings precious family treasures back to life.

AquaLife Derwent Blackbutt was installed throughout the home which offers exceptional durability, stunning designs, and a true-to-life timber look.

Episode 5

In episode 5 the expert team invades Luke and David’s home

After Luke lost his job, he tried to mend his misery with too much food and too much stuff.

To be a supportive, loving partner of ten years David kept silent, even though the clutter left hardly any room for him in their small two-bedroom townhouse.

To bring equality back to the home, Peter pushes David to voice his feelings, Cherie creates a retro club-lounge haven, while Angie revamps a desk cabinet and breathes new life into precious treasures.

Integral Mane Brown was installed

Episode 6

This episode did not let us down… What an AMAZING transformation by the Space Invaders expert team!

Darren and Holly are devoted parents to two young children. But the demands of parenting have left them at breaking point.

With Darren working full time and Holly at home, the clutter has become a huge source of conflict. Peter pushes the stressed-out parents to take charge at home and prioritise their relationship.

Cherie modernised the 1980s home and Angie uses her 10 years’ experience as a nanny to create clever storage ideas for the kids.

A beautiful Integral Mane Brown flooring was used.
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Season 7

Another great episode of Space Invaders this week!

After growing up with next to nothing, Silvana struggles to let anything go.

Her clutter has now grown out of control and wanting everything done her way in the household is causing conflict with her husband and two children.

Peter challenges Silvana to move on from the past, Cherie transforms the living room into a mecca for big family gatherings, while Angie repurposes old DVD cabinets and hacks a hula hoop to showcase precious memories.

Merseyside Visa rustic spotted gum floor was installed due to its waterproof functionality making it the perfect flooring choice for your home.

Episode 8

Another great episode of Space Invaders this week!

Juggling three kids and critical healthcare jobs saving others has taken a toll on Nina and Dominique, with their home consumed by clutter. It’s so bad the family eat meals on a foldout picnic table in their lounge room.

Peter helps the busy mums attack a record breaking 381 boxes of stuff, Cherie rips apart the kitchen and lounge to create an open plan space for the family, while Angie uncovers treasures from Nina’s Commonwealth Games success.

FastFIT+ Grand Spotted Gum floor was installed

Episode 9

Another great episode of Space Invaders this week!

For the first time ever the team tackle two neighbouring homes, both jam-packed with clutter. After trying to downsize with too much stuff into her daughter’s backyard granny flat, Carol’s stuck sharing her grandson’s bedroom. Next door, Julian and Emma are also battling clutter and are desperate for a usable home office.

Peter challenges both families to declutter, Angie upcycles forgotten belongings, and Cherie transforms a junk-filled garden into a relaxing space to entertain guests.
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