Worker’s Cottage Project

With designer James Treble on hand, this Sydney worker’s cottage underwent its most transformative renovation yet- rectifying years of patchwork flooring repair. The uneven surfaces and trip hazards have caused owners Toby and Renee grief for years and Flooring Xtra were ready to help create a seamless new flooring solution.

Hinterland Hybrid in Natural was a perfect solution for this Marrickville property in all regards. It appealed to Rene from the moment she saw it, with its authentic timber appearance. She selected a warm colour to complement the history of the home and the furniture she already had while creating much-needed light in some of the darker areas. In terms of practicalities, Hinterland is waterproof, allowing the same product to be installed from the front door right through to the kitchen at the back. It’s extraordinarily resilient too, able to withstand pets, kids, high traffic and easy to clean.

The big issue of the inconsistent flooring heights throughout has been a bugbear, with some areas raised when renovations have occurred. It’s enough of a height difference for guests who don’t know the home well to trip. The beauty of hybrid is that it is relatively thin and has a rubber backing, negating the need for any underlay. The team were able to easily rectify the variations and the family couldn’t be happier with the result.

“We’re really pleased.” Said Renee. “It’s water-resistant so really works well with a young family.” James Treble agrees. “This flooring solution is great for renovations. We’ve transformed this home in a really cost-effective way with a very high-performing product. You get the look of natural timber, but because it’s a hybrid product, it can be steam-mopped and wet-mopped- so it’s really hard-wearing. It’s perfect for children and pets if you have them inside!”

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