Our lucky Northern Lights contestant winners have returned from their once-in-a-lifetime trip to Norway. Belinda and her Mother, Mary were keen to share their favourite and most memorable moments from the holiday, prompting us all to investigate Scandinavian flights!

Belinda writes:

I would like to give you a brief description of our journey which will be a wonderful memory always to share with my dear Mum.  I’m sure my dearest Dad who passed away in January this year was close by our side.”


“We arrived in Oslo and it was a short walk to the Hotel where we were greeted very warmly. Our rooms were very comfortable and the hotel had a very European feel to it. Lots of wallpaper, ornate mirrors and homely settings. The breakfasts were delicious with an assortment of fish, cold meats, salads, yoghurts, pastries and cereals. Hot chocolates were sensational, made from real chocolate!

 We had two nights in Oslo and then flew to Tromso which was 90 minutes flying North. It snowed the day we left and it was fascinating to see two cranes come and wash the ice and snow off our plane before we took off. Five snow ploughs kept going around and around to clear the runways. “




“We had a beautiful room overlooking the harbour which was spectacular-  million dollar views. We looked straight across the harbour at a famous Cathedral which was lit at night. It is similar to the Sydney Opera house in status and the architect had designed it to look like a giant iceberg. The evening we arrived we went to visit a Husky Camp where they had 350 huskies. We found this very interesting, it was night time and drizzling with rain. We joined a group and had a traditional Norwegian dinner served up to us around a campfire in a dome like hut.

The next day we had free time to explore Tromso, a beautiful place full of stunning architecture. We walked around the shops, visited galleries and were surprised to see the day light hours disappear very fast. we instinctively headed home for bed even though it was only 2pm.

We were taken on a boat ride on the harbour one night to see if we could get a glimpse of the Northern lights. Apparently it is quite difficult as the atmospheric conditions have to be right. It was rather cloudy the night we went out so the viewing was difficult. This was not disappointing as the people running the boat were very informative and entertaining. we enjoyed a delicious meal of cod and vegetables. After four nights in Tromso it was time to fly back to Oslo. The view of the mountains was spectacular as we had clear skies flying back.”


“Arriving home in Melbourne was exciting. you look at the world through different eyes after travelling so far away. So nice to be home with family again with lots of stories to tell about our amazing trip.

 We are so grateful for the experience and I love, love, love our pure wool “Urban Instinct” carpet from Sommer’s Flooring Xtra which gives us pleasure every day. Mum has the travel bug now and planning her next trip already. It was a special time for us both with treasured memories and lots of laughter. Thanks again to Flooring Xtra Australia and Sommers Flooring Xtra.“