Talk to any interior designer and they will tell you how important rugs can be in a home, particularly with our love of timber, tiles and concrete floors in Australian homes. On a practical level, they’re affordable and add warmth to a space while aesthetically, they provide layered interest through colour, pattern and scale, often making a room feel “complete”. Flicking through interior design magazines or jumping onto social media you will also notice rugs grace the floors of so many stunning interiors. So which one will work for your home? With so many patterns, sizes, colours and textures to choose from, it can be a daunting task.

Below are some of our favourites from the new collections and how they could work in your home.


This stunning collection will add a timeless elegance to many interiors. The muted palette together with the intricate patterns sit back beautifully with layered, eclectic schemes too, as though the rug was picked up on your last overseas jaunt. Essentially, the Morocco range would work just as well in a classic home with sophisticated finishes and furniture as it would in a more relaxed interior, filled with contrasting pattern and texture. The natural colour palette makes it easy to accessorise and inject colour, such as burnt orange, turquoise and green just to get you started.
Morocco MOR-176-CHOC-1


Not for the faint hearted, the Icon range is for maximum impact. Add the Zebra print rug for a touch of Hollywood glamour and the Icon Blue to create energy and interest in a lacklustre space. Layer these rugs with materials such as metal, glass, leather and and marble to create a luxurious feel. Always make sure to select the right sized rug for your home. A good starting point is to choose a rug which is larger than your widest piece of furniture (such as sofa or table) so you have the flexibility of “anchoring” the furniture onto the rug without appearing as though it was an after thought. Remember, a rug can frame a space and create zones within open plan living areas. A rug that it too small makes this difficult to achieve.

Icon ICO-713-BLU-1


Texture, warmth, interest and comfort. Now this is a rug which makes you want to get on the floor and relax. A plush pile is casual and relaxed, the epitome of a living space, play area or anywhere you are trying to emulate that vibe in your home. Pare back these rugs with timber coffee tables and sofas which have a finer weave such as linen, or leather. Because this rug is more textural rather than patterned, they look best when layered with other pieces of furniture on top to break up the large block colour.


For those in the know, the Eclipse range reflects many current interior design trends. The herringbone pattern of the below Eclipse has resurfaced and can be found anywhere from tiles through to fabrics and now these beautiful rugs. Similarly, the Nubian rug features a stunning organic pattern which is reminiscent of water colour artworks which can be seen in many fabric houses at the moment. Both are heavily patterned and work best with strong architectural features and to sit back with simple pieces of furniture, such as timber coffee tables or block coloured sofas and chairs. A great way to bring your home into the “now”!

Eclipse 64266 6575


These fun and colourful rugs are ready to help a tired interior or a home calling out for a feature. Given there are a wide range of colours to choose from, try and identify a colour you already have in the space or one that you would like to introduce. A tan leather sofa would sit back beautifully with the Blue rug for example. Tie it all together with some blue and fuchsia cushions and your space will immediately look as though a stylist has just left the building. It’s important to note these rugs will be the “hero” of the room so try not to overpower them with clashing patterns too much.



Just likes its friend the “City” rug, Infinity is all about impact and interest. Use these rugs to insert energy and colour into a room which may not have much of this already. Play with colours in your accessories which both hold the same colour and also contrast it. Tri-Aqua will be glorious with burnt oranges, chartreuse and warm pinks- not to mention timbers, leathers and stone!


“Osibisa” & “Braid”

A retro revival of the most tasteful kind. Interior designers and stylists are going mad for these warm weaves- and for good reason. They add texture, warmth and a casual sophistication to many spaces. The colour palette allows for contrasting colours, patterns and materials to be added to the space with ease. They particularly will sit back well with blonde timbers and white stone. Try to select a colour that compliments your flooring while still providing enough contrast. These designs are super flexible- there is really no way you can go wrong!


So after all of that, the biggest decision will be not which one to select, but how many of these stunning rugs you can fit into your home…. Good luck! Browse our ranges here