Like in any industry, Interior Design trends come and go- some hanging around for longer than others! It can be hard to decipher what trends are worth following and what to include in your home décor (or if at all…) but there’s one organisation worth looking at closely each year with their analysis. The Pantone Colour Institute nominate one colour yearly that they believe will be consistently found across all areas of design in the year ahead and perhaps beyond. If you personally like the colour too, then why not include it in your home?

This year, Pantone announced the colour Living Coral as their expected trend moving into 2019. It’s an animated and life-affirming colour, it’s pinky hue drawing literally from its oceanic namesake. They don’t just pull this colour from thin air either, there’s careful consideration of current political, environmental and creative climates to influence their decision. Living Coral is quite clearly a reflection of ever-changing environmental conditions while being uplifting and light-hearted in its appearance.



With all trends, it can be helpful to start small, including little elements of the colour into your home interior and then building upon it with layers. This can be done with accent pieces such as cushions, throws, a lampshade or rug for example. You don’t need to consider the colour of a transient trend though necessarily either. If you like something a lot, it can remain in your home, your wardrobe or anywhere else for years to come! From an environmental and waste perspective, this is a positive spin.


Dulux JacuzziMedina – Multi Palette 1922 RugCarerra marble, Fishs Eddy Gilded Café Mirror Tray, Eilish Tufted Carpet Rectangle Cushion, Moke Armchair

Living coral sits back beautifully as an accent to a wide range of timber stains, and neutral pallets, drawing the eye across a room. It’s a positive colour, working well in living spaces such as family rooms, coastal homes and entertainment areas. Teamed with other jewel tones (deep turquoise for example), or stark black and white, it can have quite a dramatic effect too. For a more conservative approach, hints of Living Coral amongst a blue and white interior is also gorgeous.

It can be easy to be caught up with trends as they flood the high-end market then quickly flow down to the high street shops. The best way to approach them is to be true to yourself. Do you really like the colour/ trend/ item? The most beautiful spaces are true reflections of the occupants, not a carbon copy of a magazine spread!



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