Selling Houses Australia 2022! Another Season of Transformations from the Floor Up

Published: June 2, 2022

Selling Houses Australia is back for season 14 and Flooring Xtra is once again a proud collaborator! Working with the skilled team to reimagine tired and dated homes, our flooring can be found throughout. Freshly renovated and styled, the homes are presented to buyers once again with the hopes that the talented team can read the market…

Two new faces join host and real estate expert Andrew Winter, Wendy Moore the interiors maverick and Dennis Scott, well-known landscape designer and former NRL player. Together throughout the season, they have helped families from Mt. Gambier to Jindabyne invest a little bit of time and money to appeal to fresh eyes and new potential buyers. Flooring Xtra carpet, hard flooring and rugs in each episode help elevate and inspire new interior design schemes and we love seeing how the talented team works to efficiently and creatively shift these troublesome properties off the market.

Episode highlights for the Flooring Xtra team include a trip to Mt. Gambier to help a couple that has a big task of modernising a large home on a modest budget. Dated finishes were replaced or complemented with more contemporary materials while still maintaining texture and warmth. Flooring Xtra timber floors were used throughout the living spaces while Grand Isles Mountain Top carpet sat beautifully alongside the new colour scheme. An incredible job from the floor, up!

Selling Houses 2022 Allure rug in indigo 560 by 1707 Allure Rug in "Indigo"

A historic home in Jindabyne, NSW was given a thoughtful facelift to reflect the surroundings and the history of the building- originally an old schoolhouse. Dark timber-grain laminate, Dundee Pitkerro laminate was installed by the Flooring Xtra team to bring interest and practicality to the living and kitchen spaces while warm New Zealand wool carpet, Trembel Storm wool carpet brought a cosy element to the bedrooms in this winter holiday escape. The Jindabyne home facelift has been a season standout for the Flooring Xtra crew.

Selling Houses Australia mudroom Dundee Pitkerro Dundee in "Pitkerro"

In Penola, South Australia, the Selling Houses team travelled to help a couple (hopefully!) sell their home which has been sitting on the market for a decade. Yes, you read that correctly. Tired and miss-matched carpets were replaced with tasteful SDN (solution dyed nylon) carpet that brought continuity and flow through the bedroom spaces. The incredibly resilient and hard-wearing AquaSmart hybrid flooring was installed in the living spaces to allow the potential new homeowners to enjoy their beautiful new flooring without a care in the world.

Selling houses Australia bedroom renovation Aribiana in "Limestone"

Many of the properties also included our Flooring Xtra rugs, the final decorative touch for the floorings. Bringing colour, warmth and texture to the new spaces, the clever Selling Houses team had considered each and every detail for these lucky new owners. To learn more or to watch episodes, click here and follow our Instagram to see each episode recap as they happen.

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