The benefits of rugs form a long list, and the positive attributes range from the practical to the purely aesthetic. With so many styles of rugs available, it can be tricky to know where to start. Each rug has its own style and impacts a room in its own way. When choosing a rug, a quick guide would be as follows:


  1. Ask yourself, what do you need the rug to do? Protect the floor (make sure it’s the right size!), create warmth (texture!) or “finish” the space (style!), for example.
  2. Assess the room and determine the style. Is it contemporary, classic, family-friendly bohemian, on-trend or coastal (the list goes on)?
  3. Find inspiration of rugs in spaces you love. This can be anywhere from magazines, Pinterest, websites or travel. Tag pages, cut out clippings and see what common threads you can see between the images. It might be a consistent colour, shape, pattern or texture.
  4. Grab a tape measure. The rug should be larger than the biggest item in the space- for example, the width of the sofa or bed or dining table.
  5. Ensure the rug you select ticks practical boxes too. Is it suitable for your family? Homes with children, pets or high-traffic (as well as short-term stays or holiday homes) should be resilient and easy to clean.
  6. Visit a showroom or websites to find your rug. The Flooring Xtra website organizes the rugs into handy categories, including style to help choose a rug.


Some of our favourite styles of rugs and how they can transform a room.


Bohemian Rugs


Bohemian rugs are generally textured and patterned in style, making for a cosy and eclectic vibe. Bohemian rugs create a sense of wanderlust, with influences drawn from near and far- and there’s so many to choose from. They suit homes or spaces where the mood is relaxed, layered and feels collected rather than curated.


Zanzibar rug with leather sofa and blue velvet chair

Zanzibar 761 in “Navy”


Outdoor Rugs


Outdoor floor rugs complement outdoor furniture settings, are available in many colours and patterns and protect the floor from everyday life. Available in rectangular and round outdoor rug designs, they can be used as a feature or subtly compliment a space. Outdoor rugs make your outside setting or alfresco area feel complete and an extra layer of comfort and interest, pulling the space together. Pop them under dining settings, lounge areas, where the kids play outside or even use them for informal picnics!


Seaside 5555 in “White”


Natural Rugs


Natural fibres add an element of authenticity to your home, which is hard to find elsewhere. Straight from nature, wool, jute and other fibres are warm, textural and bring a sense of calm and connectedness to nature. Natural rugs work across the style spectrum, from contemporary to classic and everything in between. Jute works particularly well in coastal homes, while wool is a perfect accompaniment to quality furnishings.


Atrium - Natural Jute Polo

Atrium in “Natural Jule Polo”


Modern Rugs


The word “modern” is defined broadly. It can refer to a minimal, clean look- or bright, bold and cutting-edge. Whatever modern means to you, there’s going to be a rug that will suit. Have fun with the modern rug; it’s a relatively inexpensive and easy way to completely change the direction of the interior design.


Studio Silver Texture rug with with grey sofa and light timber coffee table

Studio in “Silver Texture 324”


Shag Rugs


A thick carpet pile underfoot is one of life’s luxuries and they work well in rooms that are calling out for extra comfort, texture and fun. Shag rugs are perfect for kids spaces and living room as they encourage time spent on the floor playing games and relaxing. For a sophisticated look, many styles of shag rugs lend themselves to a trending aesthetic, a textured and layered vibe welcome in any chic home. Far from the 70’s vibes that the style might remind people of, shag rugs suit homes that are contemporary, bohemian, inspired by the Mediterranean and everything in-between.


marrakesh 111 rug in a laundry

Marrakesh 111 in “White”


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