From Dark and Dingy to Cosy Coastal Living


“Character” is a word that Selling Houses Australia host Andrew Winter used to describe last week’s property based in Inverloch- but that is putting it politely! The dark and dated home was full of personal touches- by the way of nude paintings, hand-made mosaic flooring and a junk-yard garden. Not ideal when trying to sell a home.

Fleur and Tony, the owners of this quirky home, spend most of their time in Indonesia, helping those less fortunate than themselves. This is admirable, especially since they want to donate $10,000 from the sale of their home to a community there. So the couple who spend their spare time overseas could be forgiven for not having time to present their own home- but here is the clincher, Fleur herself knows the value of home staging, being a real estate agent herself. Perhaps the property is too close to her heart for her to see its flaws?


As they do every week, Charlie and Shaynna weigh up where the money would be best spent and get to work. The garden has a massive overhaul and clean-up with the assistance of the local Men’s Shed group who are keen to help knowing that some of the profits will be going to a worthy cause. Inside, the brick/timber/slate home is lightened up with paint, a fresh kitchen and new skylights.

One of the biggest challenges was the hand-made mosaic floor created by Fleur. While it was a meaningful touch for the couple living there, it was a bit too personal for prospective buyers.  Due to the uneven nature of the floor, screed was applied before our beautiful Troika Wool Level Loop Pile Carpet in Murmansk could be installed. This awkward space was transformed into a cozy rumpus room which will certainly be used. This same gorgeous carpet was installed throughout the remaining bedrooms, to update and lighten the rooms.

Moving into the cooler months, even beach homes benefit from warm, inviting rooms. Carpet is an excellent way to do this, with wool feeling particularly luxurious underfoot. There are other options however, with solution-dyed nylons providing warmth and texture at a more budget-friendly cost. If you’re not wanting something so permanent, a rug can also bring a sense of coziness to a space. Rugs are also a fun way to play with colour and pattern without committing to a whole room carpet installation! Wools and flatweave rugs really are a match made in heaven in coastal homes, as can be seen in this episode.

Zulu – Rust Maze 5834


If you’re trying to bring warmth into a room or interior scheme, consider the following tips:

  • Carpets and rugs bring warmth and texture underfoot. Both visual and tactile warmth is achieved.
  • Warmer colour palettes are an obvious choice, although even a monochromatic or neutral scheme can be considered warm. Try to select colours or whites/ greys with a brown or natural base.
  • Materials such as brick, timber, leather, wool, felt, velvet, linen and wicker are beautiful warm textures which can be introduced into the space in a big or small way.
  • Candles, lamps and fireplaces make a room instantly cosy! Candles are a cost-effective solution too.
  • Accessories such as cushions, throws, furs, woven baskets and trays are simple additions which lend themselves to a cosy feeling. Layer coffee tables with books, photo frames and trinkets to finish the look.


With an open mind and hard work, Fleur and Tony sold their home at a great price within a week of re-listing the property on the market. A happy agent and vendor all rolled into one! This episode of Selling Houses Australia (Season 12, Episode 4 ) first aired on March 27th. Stream new episodes of Selling Houses Australia every week or watch Wednesdays 8.30pm AEDT only on Foxtel’s Lifestyle