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Cutting their Loses in a Mining Town

Sometimes life throws a curveball that changes everything, in the case of Mt Isa couple Tom and Molly, a desire to be closer to the family due to an unexpected illness. While they love their Queensland mining town, it’s just too far to travel to Brisbane regularly to see Molly’s father who has received a cancer diagnosis. So with the house on the market, they’re ready to pack up and move!

Mining towns tend to have unusual real estate markets, inflated to match high wages within the mining sector, but sensitive to downturns and changes in the economy. Mt Isa is no different, with Tom and Molly buying at the top of the market several years ago and now prepared to face a loss with the sale. Keen to be close to family as soon as possible, any help from the Selling Houses team is welcomed.



There’s a balance to be found with the preparation for sale here. The couple already know a loss when they sell their home is likely, so the budget to style and renovate really must be kept to a minimum. Luckily the home is in an excellent structural condition so new flooring to replace some very tired carpet (Flooring Xtra Elegante Sovereign Oak), fresh paint (including a gorgeous teal living area), styling and some minor adjustments throughout are all that’s needed. Potential buyers at the first open inspection are blown away with the beautification of the property. A green oasis is Charlie’s goal outside, ripping up dead, dog-damaged turf and replacing it with new lawn, plants and a new fence.



The vinyl was an excellent choice for the renovation, not only aesthetically, but from a practical point of view too. Practicality and up-keep are two factors which require great consideration when selecting flooring- but it often is forgotten in the selection process. How do you know that the flooring will be practical, however? Some helpful questions to ask yourself when choosing flooring for your home could be:


  • How is the space used? High traffic areas, water and food spills and family activities, for example, tell us that a practical and hard-wearing flooring like hybrid, vinyl or laminate would work well. Easy to clean and hard to damage!
  • Who uses this space? Without getting too critical, pets and small children tend to make a little bit of mess! Really think about how much time you want to spend cleaning up pet hair and playdoh out of the carpet before you make that selection…
  • It’s also worthwhile considering the external environment. Like Molly and Tom in Mt Isa, perhaps you live in an area where there’s lots of dirt or mud that can easily be brought inside. Hard flooring tends to be easier to manage this issue. The same can be said for homes close to the beach or rurally located.

While Tom and Molly left for Brisbane with a loss, they’re still ahead after they sell their home. Rental prices in Mt Isa are so high, even with the loss they made they were better off not renting during this time. We wish the family well and hope Molly can spend lots of time with her special family!

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