Episode 11 focuses on Queanbeyan, a town just outside of our nation’s capital. Frances’s purple house asks more questions than it answers, with strange features which no one seems to be able to explain. Dark rooms, doors leading to nowhere in particular and a shower screen. A rushed decision to purchase the home had Frances wishing she never did.

Right outside of the ACT lies the town of Queanbeyan, a place that’s quickly becoming a more affordable option for government workers. The ‘affordable’ town still has Frances listing her home for $750,000, a price tag which was failing to win over those who have inspected it. With the owners having zero emotional attachment to the home, the Selling Houses team embarked on a renovation to with no push back or resistance from Frances and her partner Rick. Whatever it took to sell the property.

Selling Houses Australia Episode 11 Flooring


Apart from the unusual colour selection for the home, the biggest issue that the team were presented with was the dark confusing labyrinth downstairs. Pulling down useless flyscreens and plants in the entry area brought natural light rushing inwards. Internally, Shaynna chose a palette that lifted the space the create an intimate area. The lounge room benefitted from the gorgeous dark wall paint and new textured loop pile wool carpet that was laid. For a light and consistent feel, Aquasmart Hybrid flooring is installed throughout the living and kitchen areas in Washed Oak. This is also a sensible waterproof selection, given the pool in the backyard.

With Australia’s comfortable climate, a pool is an aspirational accessory found in backyards across the country. In the warmer months, pools are used constantly, with kids running in and out of the home, dripping wet, bringing soggy bathers and dirt with them. Hybrid flooring is one of the most practical solutions here, not only because it’s waterproof, but also due to its ease of maintenance. A quick mop lifts dirt and moisture, but if it sits around in puddles for a short while, it won’t cause any issues like moisture on some other hard flooring may.

Frances’s agent decided that an auction was the best format for their campaign. Nerves were tested but it was worth the anxious wait! The home sold and Frances were able to move forward with her life, putting the purple home behind her.

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