Seaside Makeover for a Family in Need

This season’s finale brings us one of the most beautiful families yet on Selling Houses Australia.  In the picturesque Dolphin Point (New South Wales South Coast), the Blakey family have lived overlooking the ocean for the last 15 years. Serena, Steve and their four kids are real water-lovers and living the outdoor lifestyle dream. While they love their typical beach shack and the enviable location, a family health dilemma has them wanting the financial freedom to seek treatment in Canada. To make the big move, the home which has been on the market for over 12 months needs to sell.

The home isn’t without its charms, with beach vibes and views to die for, but perhaps the unusual floorplan and worn appearance doesn’t warrant the $1.1 million price tag they’re after. As Shaynna says, this renovation is all about walls. Knocking them down and adding them throughout the home to make functional, appealing spaces- as well as private toilets! A fresh new kitchen and a ‘proper’ main bathroom add family home appeal, while paint and styling always add the final touch.


The coastal location and age have not been kind to the flooring, which is worn and damaged. Our Forest Retreat engineered boards work like a charm to create a casual, elegant feel while being practical. All the sand and grit inevitably brought into the home will not damage this new flooring! Engineered products are a beautiful balance between authenticity and ease of maintenance. They’re a natural product which brings stunning variation in the pattern while the timbers in these particular boards are sustainability sourced which adds appeal. Engineered boards like Forest Retreat are perfectly placed in homes where natural materiality is sought, but with the added bonus of a 25-year residential warranty!

As Charlie polishes the outside garden with a new driveway and a lick of paint (as well as a new, usable outdoor room!) and Shaynna styles up to a storm inside, we’re all hoping for a generous sale price. The paint had barely dried before an offer of $1.2 million is snapped up, giving the family some room to make big decisions about the medical treatment for their son Liam.

While we’re sad to see the end of the season, we couldn’t think of a better way to finish up. What an excellent result for a deserving family. We wish the Blakey’s all the very best!

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