Lacklustre Country Home Seeking Charm and Character

In the pretty country town of Euroa, the home of Krissy and Tyson sits on the market without even the smallest of offers. They’re pretty keen to sell the family home as they’ve invested in another, larger block to build their dream home. Holding down several jobs, the double mortgage is a stress they’re wanting to shift pretty quickly.

Euroa real estate is on an upwards trajectory, with out-of-towners drawn to the character-filled period homes steeped in history at an affordable price. Many of these homes are tastefully renovated and hitting the market for less than what Krissy and Tyson have their home listed for- so why do they think their home is worth more? While they certainly sit on a larger block, the house is shabby in parts, lacks street appeal and the large backyard covered in a hodgepodge of useless sheds and broken toilets.

Time for some hard truths as Shaynna, Andrew and Charlie enter the scene to try and move this property. With a minuscule budget, allocating funds to refresh the property is well thought out. Charlie tidies the yard, removes sheds, lays turf and creates a more appealing outdoor entertaining area. Inside, Shaynna is keen to find the balance between character and homeliness without distancing the potential buyer with very specific designs.

A light and bright scheme forms, with paint, new flooring (hello Flooring Xtra AquaSmart Hybrid and Castenea Racoon carpet!), benchtops, fireplace, servery to the backyard, roman blinds and bathroom refresh. All of this helps create a more appealing home from one which was dark in certain rooms and dated in others. The response from potential buyers at the new open for inspections attests to this, with positive comments about the new bright and character-filled spaces.

While it is commonly known that a well-presented home will attract more interest from buyers, budget can often impact how much can physically be done. Lightening drab areas is one fantastic way to do this. This can be achieved in several ways:

  • Consider the main surfaces first. A coat of white paint will never go astray, creating impact on a large scale while looking clean and neat.
  • If the flooring is in bad condition or very dated, upgrading with a cost-effective solution like what’s seen in this episode is a great idea- it looks fresh and bright too. Solution dyed nylon carpets look fantastic and are value for money while the Hybrid flooring installed in the kitchen and bathroom is practical (waterproof!), beautiful and creates consistency. A bright or neutral rug over dark carpet is another option too if budget doesn’t allow for a major renovation.
  • Window treatments which are heavy looking, blocking natural light or dated can be very off-putting for potential buyers. It can be an expense to replace these however so it’s worthwhile considering the return on your investment here.
  • Light fittings which give off poor amounts of light are not ideall. Adding extra floor lamps or table lamps can help for those darker inspection days.
  • Heavy furniture which is visually dark and blocking light is not helpful. Ensure the furniture is not arranged to block light. Consider light throws and cushions to lift an existing dark sofa. Glass furniture, lighter timbers or white furniture can create an illusion of light in a room too if you’re bringing in new furniture for the sales campaign.

Unfortunately, with all the help this lovely couple received and the hard work they put in, the home was still sitting on the market six months later unsold. As Andrew advised, they may benefit from removing the home from the market for a short time, while revising their ambitious asking price… Good luck Tyson and Krissy!

This episode of Selling Houses Australia (Season 12, Episode 6) first aired on April 10th. Stream new episodes of Selling Houses Australia every week or watch Wednesdays 8.30pm AEDT only on Foxtel’s Lifestyle.