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Empty Nester Dreams in Pymble 

Pymble in Sydney is a truly aspirational suburb for families. Leafy, tree-lined streets, generous houses and block sizes and access to prestigious schools. Charles and Dale can attest to this, bringing up their four children in the suburb and living here for thirty-two years. But with all children (bar one very lucky adult son who still lives at home!) gone, the property feels like a burden. Many unnecessary rooms to clean and seemingly endless gardens to maintain.

The home is classically designed with separate formal and kitchen spaces. This ‘old-fashioned’ style of home layout is not what prospective buyers are looking for, particularly with a price tag of $2.4 million. This is just one of the many issues with the home which Charlie, Andrew and Shaynna address. The couple is open to investing in the renovation and spruce. They want to sell; they want to downsize, and they would love to also financially help their four children in a tough Sydney housing market. Whatever will make the home sell!

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Shaynna’s design skills really shine in this episode. Walls are removed and manipulated throughout to create larger spaces where required, an additional bedroom and much-needed storage in the master bedroom. A brand-new kitchen is the centrepiece of her work, with a bright, classic design seamlessly blending old with new. Our Forest Retreat in Sherbrooke (engineered boards) are a highlight, transforming the open plan spaces and moving it away from a hodgepodge of different materials.

Timber and laminate flooring is an investment but nothing really compares with the visual feast that timber affords. Some points to consider if you’re thinking of installing timber or engineered boards:

  • Timber is a luxurious product and one that adds a level of authenticity and quality to a home. It exudes style and substance.
  • While they’re often a more expensive option for flooring, they will add value to your property if correctly maintained, luckily, they’re relatively easy to look after!
  • A twenty-five -year residential installation warranty on the Forest Retreat products is a testament to the longevity and quality of the materials.
  • Engineered boards are considered a sustainable option as they are constructed from a thin layer (veneer) of timber, therefore, use less than solid timber boards. Solid timber boards can last for many, many years, however- flooring in period homes are a great example of this!
  • Preventative measures are the best method for extending the life of timber floors. Avoid shoes which can bring small stones and scratches to timber flooring. Regularly vacuum and mop floors to remove potential grit and dirt. Don’t use steam mops, a quality, damp mop is all that is required.
  • Rugs are an excellent option to protect high-traffic areas of the home, such as a hallway.














With new flooring, along with the kitchen, garden, painting, styling, new bathroom and all the small touches that the talented team bring, it’s no surprise the home-owners receive a very tempting offer soon after the renovation. Charles and Dale have decided to hold off however, in the hopes that higher prices will come their way. Best of luck! Stream new episodes of Selling Houses Australia every week or watch Wednesdays 8.30pm AEST only on Foxtel’s Lifestyle.

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