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Stuck in the Past in Mulgrave 

Retro vibes are just as popular as ever, so why has this 70’s home in suburban Mulgrave not shifted off the market? Anand and his parents reside in a home which features timber panelling and original light fittings but they want to move to a warmer climate up north- so this really needs to sell. Does it mean that all the character must be stripped back?

As Andrew and the team explain, while these 70’s features are very popular, in this particular home they don’t work for a modern family’s requirements. Today’s market wants open plan living, light and bright rooms and a kitchen that’s not stuck in the past. Anand’s really going to have to invest to make it work for the contemporary buyer. With little to spend, Shaynna and Charlie have to get creative.

Shaynna strikes the balance between the new and the old, making the timber panelling a feature while removing walls to open up the living and kitchen areas. Crisp white paint and new Flooring Xtra Hybrid flooring (Aquasmart Heritage Oak) really freshen the space. Charlie masks some pretty harsh features of the facade (prison fencing and an extension resembling a pop-top caravan!) with clever planting of mature trees.














This particular episode demonstrates that while buyers often seek homes with mass-appeal (read: new, white, simple, fresh), there’s still an affection for the unique, the character-filled and the designs of the past. The home sells well at auction. A relief for Anand and his family who can now move on with their lives in tropical Queensland.
















If you’re blessed with a period home or a home with vintage features which you’re hoping to renovate or sell, don’t be too quick to remove all nods to the past, no matter how tempting this may be. While seeking to have a modern home with all the comforts that this entails, there can still be a balance of new and old. Consider keeping features such as decorative architectural elements (sconces, plasterwork, architraves, doors, fireplaces) where possible. Counter this with new kitchens and bathrooms, electrical and plumbing works for example. The Mulgrave home is proof that with a little consideration, both new and old can live harmoniously! Stream new episodes of Selling Houses Australia every week or watch Wednesdays 8.30pm AEST only on Foxtel’s Lifestyle.















Stream new episodes of Selling Houses Australia every week or watch Wednesdays 8.30pm AEST only on Foxtel’s Lifestyle.

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