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Selling Houses Australia Series 13

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The A team are back for a record 13th series and it’s set to be bigger and better than ever. Charlie, Shaynna and Andrew will travel all across the nation to do what they do best: give love to homes so they can be sold! This season sees the team face a whole range of challenges and a variety of different abodes to fix up. In the mix is a tiny stone cottage in Tassie, a classic Aussie pub in Victoria, and a palatial resort-style home in tropical Brisbane.

EPISODE 1: Waratah, NSW

When busy parents Jarryd and Erika bought their first property in Newcastle, they thought it’d be the perfect fit. A two-bedroom brick home with a big yard for the kids to play. Back then they only had two little mouths to feed. Fast forward to now, and their family of six has desperately outgrown the place. They want $580 thousand for it–but after 9 months of endless open houses and no offers, they’re running out of steam. Just keeping it toy free for inspections is hard enough. Faced with the tightest of budgets and a grim weather forecast–can the Blaze and Bone turn this sixties pad into something fit for a modern family.

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EPISODE 2: Turners Marsh, TAS

David and Mary love their stone cottage in Turners Marsh, just a short drive from Launceston. It’s on 124 acres of pristine bush and even has its own creek. They’d love to stay but finding regular work in Tassie has been a struggle. So, when David was offered a permanent job at a friend’s winery in South Australia, he had to take it. There’s only one catch, they need to sell the cottage to fund the move and after 8 months on the market there’s no sign of a buyer.The job won’t stay open forever, so can Shaynna and Charlie get this family out of the bush and over to the mainland?

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EPISODE 3: Crows Nest, NSW

John and Kitsa are in a desperate situation. Their life savings are tied up in a property they had big dreams for. The two bed corner terrace in the blue-ribbon Sydney suburb of Crows Nest was going to be a health food shop with an added café, to create an income into their later years and provide a job for their autistic son Xavier. They purchased it for $1.7 million and have spent the past six years turning it from a residence into a business. Unfortunately, things didn’t goto plan and the business took up so much of their time they decided to abandon ship halfway through the renovations. Now the team have to turn this shell of a property back into a residence amidst a host of tricky zoning laws. It’s not going to be easy, but without our help the family are stuck!

EPISODE 4: Drysdale, VIC

Victorian couple David and Sandi share a lifelong love for horses–they even share the dinner table with their pet pony. Their 8-acre property doubles as their workplace, boasting first-class equine facilities–but it’s the house that’s holding them back. It resembles more of aWestern saloon–with heaps of timber, horse trinkets, and quirky add-ons. For 10 months they’ve been unable to secure a single offer and pressure is mounting with Sandi’ smother’s health fast deteriorating. Moving closer to family isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. Do Charlie and Shaynna have what it takes to turn their horsey home into a classy country cottage and finally lasso a buyer?

EPISODE 5: Parkerville, WA

Twenty somethings Caleb and Bree bought a house in their dream location–walking distance from the pub in the Perth Hills. They paid over the odds, but they loved it. But when baby Arlo arrived an unusual layout turned their tree top oasis into a parental nightmare.With only one bedroom on the main level, they moved downstairs close to Arlo where there’s no toilet.With no offers in 8 months and a price reduction, they’ve accepted they will lose money on the place but can the team minimise that loss with a clever and cost-effective makeover?

EPISODE 6: The Club Hotel Kaniva, VIC

It’s a challenge with a difference–selling a county pub! Andrew, Charlie and Shaynna head to the remote rural Victorian town of Kaniva near the SA boarder-to help publicans John and Jacquie call last orders.After 14 years behind the bar, they’re ready for a quieter life, but getting there is proving difficult. They thought the place had sold, but when the deal went sour, they had to take back ownership and re-build the business. Now they really want out, but the pub is tired, run down and the beer garden, a barren wasteland. It’s up to the team to breathe new life into the old building and come up with a design that pleases loyal locals and pulls in passing travellers

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EPISODE 7: Glenelg, SA

Footy loving duo Sao and Chrissy tried to plan for their future, but it backfired with devastating results. Thirteen years ago, they bought an investment property on the advice of a financial planner in Caboolture, Qld, but instead of making them money it sent them into a spiral of debt. When they eventually sold the dud investment, it had dropped so much in value, they were left owing the bank $115,000! The only way to escape is to sell theirGlenelg North home, clear the debts and start over. The house is in a good suburb, close to Adelaide but the girls have spent more time supporting their beloved footy club, than maintaining their home. To get a sale the team need to lift this house from bottom of the ladder, to Grand Final contention.

EPISODE 8: Deception Bay, QLD

Doting grandma Narelle would love to move to the Gold Coast to be closer to her grandkids, but first she has to sell her house; a strange 70’s property with a confused floor plan and tired décor. But looks aren’t the only thing stopping a sale. Narelle shares her home with her adult son Shayne and his extensive whisky collection. Shayne is so protective of the amber liquor, he keeps it under lock and key in his bedroom. When buyers come to inspections, they’re met with an impenetrable mystery room. It’s little surprise nobody wants to buy the place given they can’t inspect the whole property, so it’s time to shut down the whisky bar and give this property the spruce up it deserves

EPISODE 9: Empire Bay, NSW

Single parent Jen thought she’d bought her forever home post separation-a log cabin in the bushy surrounds of Empire Bay with over an acre of land for her two boys to play. She paid top dollar for it and spent more on renovations to achieve a pleasant Scandi look. But maintaining the land is robbing her of quality time with her boys. Now selling in a fallen market with a discounted price, Jen is prepared to lose money to move on. Question is–can Andrew, Charlie and Shaynna work out exactly what’s wrong with it? This is really going to test their investigative skills!

EPISODE 10: The Gap, QLD

There are many reasons to sell a home, but a 2-legged dog is not one that comes to mind. Animal mad couple Tony and Sandie want to sell their massive dream home to give their dog Bear, a better quality of life. With only 2 legs to get around, Bear struggles to get up and down the stairs, so Tony and Sandi want to sell up and move to a single-story property. Their current home, a sprawling 2 story Queenslander with a resort style pool has been a great place to raise the family, but the colourful 90’s interior doesn’t match the luxury price tag. Thankfully the property has great bones, so its rollers at the ready for a makeover of epic proportions.

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