Setting a budget

It can be overwhelming trying to budget when it comes to home renovations, but at Flooring Xtra we’ve tried to make our part as stress-free as possible. 

Select a floorplan from the three options here, that best matches your home or space you’re requiring new flooring in. This will give you an approximate budget required to put carpet and flooring in your home, based off how much you want to spend. Of course you can spend less or more than these amounts and still have a quality product installed, these are just some estimates to give you an approximate budget to work towards. If you would like to know exactly how much your new flooring will cost, please ask your local Flooring Xtra store for a free measure and quote.

Look out for $ signs next to products listed in this catalogue, and note the following indicators they represent:

Please note the following – these prices are indicative only to help you set a budget. Offcuts and waste can make this more or less depending on the flooring selected. Price includes quality underlay – premium underlay is additional. This price does not allow for uplift, disposal, furniture removal, floor preparation, travel and other incidentals. Pricing varies from region to region according to freight and installation charges. Stairs are not included.

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