Soft.e – Performance Warranty

Soft.e carpet has been rigorously tested and meets the upper limit of carpet replacement (15 years). Flooring Xtra confidently provides a comprehensive 15 Year Warranty, covering fading, staining and wear, so you can be sure of your investment.

The following details the Residential Limited Warranties for soft.e carpet.

Who is covered?

These warranties protect you, the original purchaser, if you have purchased a carpet made from soft.e carpet for your own residential use in an owner-occupied residence.

What this Residential Limited Warranty covers

The following outlines the warranty coverage of your Soft.e carpet. All Soft.e warranties are prorated in accordance with the schedule below.


Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty

Soft.e PET carpet will remain stain resistant to most household food and beverage substances from the date of the original installation in an owner-occupied residence in a proper indoor installation for 15 years.


This Limited Lifetime Stain Warranty specifically excludes stains from substances such as bleaches, caustic chemicals, insecticides, paints, shoe polish, lipstick, plant food, iodine, very strong dyes, acids, faeces, oil-based substances, and vomit.

PLEASE NOTE: NO CARPET IS ABSOLUTELY STAIN PROOF: While your soft.e carpet is inherently stain resistant, some staining may still occur, especially over time and in high-traffic areas. These carpets will enhance your ability to clean up stains, not prevent stains. Depending on the type of substance causing the stain, removal may require substantial repeated cleanings, and some stains may not be removable. The distributor may, at its sole option, elect to have the affected area of the carpet cleaned professionally.

Further Exclusions for all Limited Stain and Soil Warranties

These warranties also specifically exclude: any carpet which has been treated after installation with any silicone-based anti-soil treatments; any carpet in any non-residential use; any carpet subjected to abnormal abuse; any carpet exposed to very hot substances or other abusive conditions; damage due to the application of improper cleaning agents; deterioration in appearance not related to staining of pile fibres. Failure to follow recommended carpet care and cleaning instructions described in this booklet may result in damage to your carpet that will not be covered by your warranty. Cleaning of the affected area should begin immediately upon discovery. The more time that elapses before removal, the more difficult a stain will be to remove.

Limited 15 Year Fade Resistant Warranty

Soft.e carpet is warranted to withstand loss of colour from exposure to UV for 15 years.

Limited 15 Year Abrasive Wear Warranty

The surface of your soft.e PET carpet will not abrasively wear away by more than 10% in any area of the carpet for a period of 15 years when used in an owner-occupied residence in a proper indoor installation.


Carpet installed outdoors or in areas subject to other than ordinary shoe traffic is excluded from this warranty. Crushing caused by furniture, including impressions left by legs of furniture, is not covered by this warranty.

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