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Space Invaders is back and better than ever with their brand new season.

Tune in to channel 9 on Saturday nights at 7:30pm to watch some amazing transformations unfold!

The expert team are dedicated to changing the lives of Australian families by helping them declutter and redesign their homes, discovering treasures along the way!

It is so easy to accumulate things we don’t really need and as they start to pile up, so do our stress levels! Declutter guru, Peter Walsh, helps the families get back to basics and remove all the unnecessary belongings that are taking up too much space.

When they have achieved a clean slate, that is Cherie Barbers time to shine! As a renovation queen, she can transform any house. Cherie really takes into account what each family needs from their home and creates a space that is not only beautiful, but also functional.

The final member of the dream team is Lucas Callaghan. As a treasure hunter, he helps families identify forgotten valuables that had been lost in the clutter, turning their trash into treasure!

Episode Recap

Episode One Transformation

To kick off the season, the team visited the home of Aussie family, Lisa and Jason.

Their home was filled to the brink with clothing, craft supplies and excess furniture taking up space.

The team quickly got to work, removing truckloads of clutter before they began renovating the space!


Pairing bright pastel colours and funky patterns with the mid-century furniture already present in the home, Cherie created a vibrant, retro makeover throughout the family’s kitchen, living and dining area.


Our product Coastal Haven Fingal Spotted Gum was chosen to transform this house from the flooring up.

This Hybrid product is perfect for a busy family home! With 100% waterproof performance and durability, this solution is super easy to clean and maintain.

It was an emotional journey for the family as the team not only transformed their home, but also their lives.

Episode Two Transformation

The team has done it again!


For episode two of Space Invaders, the experts visited the home of Carolyn, Lee and their two daughters Ellacoco and Zahra, to transform their home.


Frustrated by the amount of clutter taking over their home, Ellacoco reached out to the team at Space Invaders in the hopes of reclaiming their space.


It was a huge project that spread across six ares of the house. The living and dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms and the porch.


The intention was to create a tranquil home and that is exactly what the team delivered!


Aribiana carpet in colour ‘Granite” was installed in the two bedrooms as the soft yet chunky texture helped to create a relaxing space. Just what the family needed!


Watch the episode back on 9Now to view the transformation of the living and dining room, kitchen and porch.

Episode Four Transformation

How good was episode 4 of Space Invaders!


Gary and Neriezza have been struggling with the massive amount of clutter in their home.


Gary has been battling a debilitating brain and spinal disease and has lost his ability to walk. The clutter in the house has increased with the inability to move freely around the house.


For Nez, the clutter makes her feel like she’s let down her father as a carer, even though she and her husband have sacrificed their own lives to move in and care for Gary.


Declutter and style guru Peter Walsh and his expert team invaded Gary and Neriezza home in Condell Park providing a jaw dropping home makeover with some help of our hybrid flooring product.


The renovation managed to give Gary his independence back and a new lease of life.


Coast Haven Shoreham hybrid flooring was installed throughout the home which offers exceptional durability, stunning designs, and a true to life timber look.


Watch the episode back on 9Now to view the transformation of the living and entry, master bedroom & spare room.

Episode Five Transformation

In episode 5 the expert team invades Rob, Sharon and their Kurnell family home offering an eye-catching garage, home office and living space makeover.


Rob in particular struggles to let go of items he thinks might hold memories. He’s also procrastinated on dealing with clutter after he nearly died from cancer 15 years ago. Instead of cleaning, Rob would rather enjoy spending time with his family.


This has caused tension in the family, and stress for Sharon.


Decluttering expert Peter Walsh arrived to help Rob and Sharon combat their clutter issues, while renovation queen Cherie Barber converted their garage into a home office and extra living space for the family.

Treasure hunter Lucas Callaghan also stopped by to help the family preserve memorable items.


Audacity Hybrid Flooring Manuka Spotted Gum was installed, which is as durable as it is beautiful. This floor is highly durable, stain-resistant and waterproof. Perfect for Rob & Sharon’s living space.


Watch the episode back on 9Now to view the transformation of the living, entertainment and office space.

Episode Six Transformation

This episode did not let us down… What an AMAZING transformation by the Space Invaders expert team!


For episode 6 the expert team helped new parents, Caroline and Adrian, who are in desperate need of a home makeover as they are currently up to their knees in clutter.


Audacity Hybrid Native Blackbutt was installed throughout the family home offering a stylish vibrant look.


A beautiful budget friendly flooring option for families, as this hybrid flooring is children-friendly and made to last a life time.


Watch the episode back on 9Now to view the most recent transformation.

Episode Nine Transformation

Another great episode of Space Invaders this week!


Dean is a single father of two who is looking to get his life back on following a divorce.


But his home is filled with clutter, making it hard for Dean to create a warm environment for when his kids stay over, and a bachelor pad for when he’s on his own.


With help from our Space Invaders crew, Cherie rejuvenated the home with the centrepiece being a sensational garage renovation. Not only does this help Dean turn the corner on his lifestyle, but he also now has his own board gaming room for himself, kids and friends to enjoy!


Merseyside Classic Norwood Spotted Gum floor was installed due to its waterproof functionality making it the perfect flooring choice when you have kids at home.


Missed an episode? Catch up on the brand-new season of Space Invaders on 9Now.

Episode Ten Transformation ( Season Finale )

Time really does fly past when you are having fun!


The Space Invaders crew saved there biggest transformation for last, with Michelle and Dennis high rise apartment receiving a glowing makeover in the Season 2 series finale.


Their apartment is bursting at the seams, and they need to maximise the space they have as well as updating and reorganising their surroundings.


Cherie brings in our renovation team to get to work on a new look and takes the old drab into the new modern, whilst Peter is ever encouraging and complimentary at the way in which Michelle tackles downsizing non-essential space-consuming items that have personal meaning.


The family are blown away with the final look, getting a brand-new home office with more functionality and vibrant bedrooms for the kids, along with a new clear mindset of how to make the most of family living.


Merseyside Classic Wirral was installed due to its waterproof functionality making it a very functional type of flooring that will bring warmth and its perfect for a home with children.


Missed an episode?  Catch up on the brand-new season of Space Invaders on 9Now.

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