Eucalyptus Pilularis, or commonly known as Blackbutt, is a timber that is synonymous with the Australian landscape. It comes as no surprise that it’s also one of the countries favourite materials to build flooring from. It’s durable, beautiful, warm in tone and transcends fads and fashion. With excellent technological advancements, the unique markings of the timber have been replicated across timber-look products too, such as hybrid, laminate and vinyl floorings.


Blackbutt Timber Flooring


For those only interested in the authenticity real Blackbutt affords, there are some beautiful ranges of hardwood timber floorings available. Commonly found across the East Coast of Australia, the timber will be right at home across a range of architecture and interior styles. Timber floors require a certain level of care and maintenance (read more here), but the look and feel means it’s worth the effort!

Native Collection Urban Instinct Timber flooring lifestyle in blackbutt brushed and satin

Native Collection in “Blackbutt” (Available in various board sizes and finishes)

Blackbutt Laminate Flooring


There are some wonderful laminate Blackbutt varieties on offer, each brining a real sense of the original unique marking that have inspired it. For those who want the look of Blackbutt but would rather a more “user-friendly” and cost effective option, laminate is worth consideration.


Bushlane XL Coastal Blackbutt

Bushlane in “Coastal Blackbutt”

Blackbutt Vinyl Flooring (Luxury LVP)


Vinyl is a brilliantly cost-effective option and comes with a real ease of maintenance and (even in high-traffic areas) and water resistance which makes it a great option for busy homes, homes with children, rental properties and holiday homes. Blackbutt vinyl flooring brings the innate beauty of the natural product and combines it with the practicality vinyl affords. You can read more about vinyl care here.


LooseLay Longboard timber flooring product swatch in northcoast blackbutt hallway

LooseLay Longboard in “North Coast Blackbutt”


Blackbutt Hybrid Flooring


This 100% waterproof flooring works a treat in open-plan living areas with a seamless flow from bathrooms and kitchens straight through to bedrooms and living spaces. The Blackbutt markings and patterns of hybrid combined with the carefree lifestyle hybrid technology has created means it’s a perfect option for the modern home. Hybrid flooring is easy to care for, which you can learn about here.


Audacity Hybrid Native Blackbutt

Audacity in “Native Blackbutt”


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