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The Studio with Shaynna Blaze

Housing two creative businesses, this refurbished Victorian building is given new life while allowing the history to remain present. The successful merging of old and new is no surprise, given the brains behind the space and the client is the same person, creative powerhouse Shaynna Blaze. Flooring Xtra was more than happy to assist with the flooring on this beautiful project and hear Shaynna’s thoughts on the design process.

Shaynna Blaze

“This space will be a multifunctional; a working design studio, a place to present to clients, a fashion warehouse and a pop-up shop when needed.  It needs to be flexible and highly functional to be able to cope with all the changes and uses.”


As a designer, the space needed to not only look great and be inspiring, it also needed to flow, be functional and tick all of the boxes of a successful and efficient studio space.


“We have a multitude of projects that overlap, and there are six people that share the office within two different creative businesses.  The space needed to have a sense of order to cope with the craziness of what each day brings! I feel like it achieves this while being a space that also inspires and adds a sense of calm.”

With the exposed brick walls and an industrial vibe, the original concrete flooring worked well when utilised as a gallery space. With the reimagining of the gallery to an office and design centre, a welcoming warmth was needed, starting with the floors.

“It was cold from the knees down when you were at the desk, the acoustics were terrible, and it was more ‘factory warehouse’ than design warehouse.  The new boards have brought warmth and softness underfoot and have reduced the noise level quite noticeably.  The light oak colour connects the warmth of the bricks, and the contrast of black and white makes the space look larger because of that. Using a herringbone pattern is a nod to the heritage of the building and truly adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to the building.”

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