Wallpaper is showing no signs of going out of fashion anytime soon which is good news for those who love pattern, texture and the drama that wallpaper can bring to a room. While trends are not necessarily the decider for all our interior design decisions, it’s nice to know that there will be some longevity in an application which is more permanent than the odd cushion or throws in this season’s hottest new colour.


While we may pour over our favourite wallpapered home in a magazine or Pinterest, it can be an overwhelming selection to make, especially because there are so many beautiful options to choose from. So, we have compiled some of our favourite tips to help get you started through frequently asked questions about wallpaper.

1. What space should I paper?
There are no rules here, although you need to consider if this is something you wish to see all the time. For example, main living spaces may be a little too much if you’re a nervous decorator, whereas a study, sitting room or bedroom may be an excellent choice as it’s on a smaller scale

2. How do you want the space to feel?
This is the one question professional designers will ask themselves and their clients when working on projects, whether it be in regards to colour, light, furnishings or structural elements like walls and floors. Décor can easily impact our mood, so to link the overall mood you’re trying to achieve with the wallpaper style, this can form the starting point. An example of this could be, “I want the room to feel cosy” (Think: textured papers, quaint patterns, warmer colours, possibly leading towards darker colours as well). “I want the room to feel contemporary” (Think: bold, geometric, linear, simple textured etc.)

3. Colour, pattern, texture or all of the above?
It’s helpful to first assess what colour palette you’re working towards. Wallpaper, like paint, is a very dominant décor finish so think carefully about this. Is the wallpaper the feature of the room and the rest of the scheme will be pared back? Or, will it add to an eclectic or maximalist theme? If you’re heading for a more refined interior, plain wallpapers with a texture or subtle print are excellent choices. If you’re bolder in your interior goals, don’t be afraid to pick a paper with colour and stronger prints combined.



4. Can I wallpaper a bathroom?

Wallpaper in a bathroom is a gorgeous look, adding glamour to the small space and a little bit of drama. Do consider a few things though- if your bathroom is used excessively, such as a shared bathroom in a family home or has poor ventilation, humidity can cause some issues. If the bathroom is in a guest room or is a powder room, you’re not likely to have any issues here.



5. Can I hang artwork over the wallpaper?

Of course! Artworks and mirrors hung over wallpaper is a wonderfully layered look and creates even more interest if that’s your intent. While it’s certainly not for everyone, hanging over wallpaper allows you to share your beautiful artworks or family photos while still maintaining the decorative elements of the paper. Be really careful as to where you hang your art however as covering pin hook marks becomes a little more difficult when it goes through paper. Have someone help you, hold up the artwork or mark the spot with a paper cut out to ensure you have the artworks in the right spot. It may even be time to call in the professional installer if you’re a bit nervous.



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