With so many high-quality flooring products on the market, it can be difficult to decide what will work for you and your family. Vinyl is a wonderful option for many applications, it may well be the perfect product for your renovation or new home.


Vinyl sheets vs vinyl planks

It’s important to understand that there is a difference in these two products, one being a timber-like plank as the name suggests and the other a continuous product which comes on a roll. As planks are separate boards which are laid like real timber, they tend to look more authentic, however with new technology sheet vinyl can look very real too.

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Hard Wearing

Vinyl is a very hard-wearing product, able to withstand high amounts of traffic. This makes it perfect for busy homes!


A beautiful look

Vinyl really does look so beautiful installed. High-quality images are printed onto planks for an authentic look and feel. Photographic technology has made many advancements which allow for timber-look flooring with all the benefits of vinyl.

Perfect for pets and kids

With the ease of maintenance and durability, it works well for homes with pets and children. Muddy paws, mess and spills are a breeze to clean up with vinyl.



Waterproof vinyl is fantastic for many reasons. Apart from the obvious practicality of not worrying about every small spill and splash at home, it also means you can have a seamless and consistent look throughout an entire interior. From wet areas through to living and bedroom, the same product can be used in each and every room.

Acoustic properties

Vinyl planks, which are available in a variety of thicknesses, offer acoustic properties, making it a perfect option for apartment living. The thicker the board, the more “give” it will have and a better acoustic outcome.

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Some designs compatible with underfloor heating

There are certain styles of vinyl planks which are compatible with underfloor heating which adds the ultimate level of comfort to your home. The helpful staff at your local Flooring Xtra store can help you with more information here (along with everything else!) if this is something you are considering at home.

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