A healthy home is a happy home. A simple philosophy, perhaps, but how much do we consider every element in our home and how it impacts our wellbeing? It may come as a surprise, but flooring can and does affect our health. Here are our four tips for fostering wellness at home with a focus on flooring.


Materials Matter

Different flooring materials can be associated with allergies, asthma and eczema although it’s essential you get the correct information if someone in your family suffers from any of these conditions. Dust, moisture and mildew, for example, are great triggers for allergies. While hard flooring makes dust more visible (therefore, easier to spot and maintain), it is possible to have carpet. Consider natural materials to help combat allergies and asthma at home. Wool carpet is resistant to mould and mildew because moisture doesn’t thrive on this material. Its natural hypoallergenic properties mean you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of carpet at home, even if you have allergies. Eczema can also be impacted by flooring and it too can be triggered by man-made fibres. Sticking with wool is beneficial here as well. Polyester is also hypoallergenic so if wool doesn’t sit within the budget, consider this as an alternative.

Antique Archways in “Cascade”

Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning plays a significant role in our mental and physical well-being. When your home is clean and organised, it’s more pleasurable to be in. Everything is where it should be and the lack of clutter makes everyday tasks that much easier. If your home is cluttered, try tackling one room or one shelf or one cupboard at a time. Create piles to store, keep, give to charity or repair or re-home. There are some excellent reality shows about this to inspire and entertain you along the way! Regarding flooring and cleanliness, regular cleaning of your floors, both hard flooring and carpet will go a long way. It minimises dust which can trigger allergies or asthma (see above) but also keeps the floors performing for longer. Our carpet and flooring cleaning guides can be found (here) for carpet, (here) for timber and laminate, (here) for hybrid and (here) for vinyl.

Hard floor cleaning tips


Warmth and Comfort

As we spend more time at home, we start to notice if our home is comfortable or not, particularly the temperature. Being cold at home is not pleasant. While carpet is an excellent option for its insulating properties (up to ten times more effective than other materials), there is the addition of rugs that can warm us up underfoot if you prefer to live with hard flooring. Rugs are a real workhorse. They add style and texture to hard flooring and can be protective of wear as well. They add warmth and insulation to the floor too- so go for a larger rug when choosing. The more area covered, the more effective it will be. Thicker, longer carpet piles will bring the most warmth and ensure a good quality underlay is also used to increase insulation properties.

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Safari Hotel in “Ripples”

Colour Psychology

We may not realise it, but each colour can impact how we feel, how we act and our mood. Actively seeking out colours that make you feel happy, calm, energised or whatever you wish to feel in a certain space will help set the tone of the home and make it more pleasant to be in. To find your colour palette, draw inspiration from a range of sources. Think about how you want to feel at home. For example, you may decide to go for peaceful, restored and relaxed. Think back to that holiday you had, the day spa you visited or an image you’ve seen. This is a great starting point! In basic terms, colours such as yellow, red or orange are stimulating and energising, while blues, greens and earthy colours are relaxing and calming.

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