Textured Wool Carpets from Flooring Xtra provide the height of luxury for discerning homeowners. From paddock to the floor, these 100% wool styles take inspiration from the raw elements of nature. With all quality and refinement added to complement a beautiful interior.

Copenhagen in ‘Valby’


Wool is naturally tough and comfortable. The performance of the fibre is extremely resilient, the natural oils in the fibre resist stains and wears gracefully. Wool is kind to the environment as it is sustainably sourced. Therefore, it is a renewable resource that is above all biodegradable. Wool helps regulate temperature in the home by keeping the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most importantly, It is naturally fire resistant.


Riga in ‘Venta’ 

Comfort is a big plus with Wool Carpet, the softness allows perfect comfort and coziness underfoot. Wools natural lustre and ability to slightly reflect light makes it look elegant and embodies a peaceful backdrop for your interior styling.

Tromso in ‘Hennes’

Available in a range of modern tones and drawing from a Nordic influence, the Copenhagen, Tromso Riga, Helsinki and Stockholm design provide warmth, texture and quality underfoot with a lifetime install warranty.