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Urban Instinct

Urban Instinct brings you luxury and design perfection. Being mindful of earth’s natural beauty and adopting the raw elements on offer from the outdoors then bringing them to life indoors, capturing the feeling of comfort and simplicity. With a Nordic influence, our wool carpet ranges bring the opulence of our beautiful country to your floor. The muted colours of these ranges have been carefully chosen for blending with today’s stylish home interiors without being intrusive. The different textures of each range add a modern twist to an elegant and classic looking carpet. With stippled heathers, stunning loops and timeless tones, these ranges are the ultimate texture to create your urban sanctuary.

Saint Magnus

There’s nothing quite like wool carpet underfoot, with its softness, character and quality unsurpassed. Saint Magnus is a range that offers this and more, with a textured loop style synonymous with contemporary design that will stand the test of time. Selecting from a tasteful palette of colours, your carpet will be the star, complimenting every element of the home.

Henrhyd Falls

It doesn’t get more luxurious than this. Henrhyd Falls is a quality loop pile created from the most beautiful 100% New Zealand Wool, bringing quality and excellence to those who enjoy the finer things in life. The natural attributes of wool are measurable, with durability, thermal qualities, and non-allergenic properties adding to the intrinsic beauty of this flooring which will be appreciated for many years.

Montauk Point

Montauk Point weaves the elements of 100% New Zealand wool with the textural beauty of a loop pile construction to create a classic carpet. Available in the most luxurious colour palette, there’s a tone to suit any home. Durability, quality and sophistication for the eyes and underfoot.

New Country

An earthy colour palette with a rustic texture will bring a feeling of handcrafted quality into your home. Soft underfoot so a pleasure to walk on every day…

Oxford Park

The true definition of Urban Instinct. Tailored, yet a bit rustic. Produced from 100% soft New Zealand Wool, this is refined luxury.

Canterbury Fields

A classic wool rich twist pile is the perfect compliment to any family home. Refined in look, whilst being easy to maintain and allergy friendly, makes this a wonderful carpet for any family home.

Safari Hotel

Safari Hotel showcases an organic, linear pattern which will add texture, depth, and luxury to any space

Matheson Tweed

Produced using 100% pure NZ wool, this elegantly styled loop pile carpet provides the perfect platform to transform any family home.

Royal Kingston

This carpet celebrates royal charm and is ideal for those looking to create a regal aesthetic within the home. Fantastic mix of neutral shases with 100% New Zealand wool.


Tallinn is a reflection of Nature. Beautiful rustic texture in a selection of earthy tones, produced using the highest quality wool fibre to create a hard wearing, yet elegant floor covering.


Tromso is slightly irregular in appearance, making it a true reflection of nature. This 100% pure wool carpet has a bold texture, yet soft feel, creating a comfortable, functional and desirable floor.

Native Collection

Featuring stunning Australian timber species – Blackbutt and Spotted Gum – the Native Collection comes in a variety of sizes and finish options.

Oak Collection

With a real timber surface, the Oak Collection provides a unique look for your floor with distinct knots and grain variations, the ultimate base to create your urban sanctuary.

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