With some knowledge under your belt, choosing new flooring for your new home or renovation can be fun, not overwhelming! Here are our tips for starting the flooring journey on the right foot and you can peruse our latest look book, The Fifth Wall, for more in-depth information.

Merseyside XXL Crosby Oak


Ask yourself some questions

While it’s fun to imagine what your new floor will look like, there are some basic considerations that will guide you, practically, in the right direction. For example, if you have kids, pets or a rental property, there will be certain products that will be more appropriate than others. Here are some questions to ponder.


  • Who will use this space?
  • What will it be used for?
  • Do you have a set budget in mind?
  • Do you have kids or pets?
  • Is the property a rental or holiday home?
  • What “look” are you drawn to?

Seek inspiration

There’s a great deal of inspiration available to everyone these days. Magazines, books and brochures are great for those who like to hold something in their hands. Pinterest, blogs, Instagram and websites (as well as our look book!) are also fast ways to seek and define a look we like. You will start to see clues, similarities and common elements throughout your “likes” and post-it-notes. What is it? Is it a colour? A style? This will be helpful when making your first showroom visit.


Visit a showroom

Now you have some inspiration in your mind and a clear indication of the practicalities, pop into one of the Flooring Xtra stores to explore your options. The staff will be able to guide you in the direction of suitable products, keeping in mind look, budget and usage.


Samples in situ

There’s nothing better than seeing your potential flooring in the actual space. Light, materials and their surrounds change according to light and time of day. Observe how the samples look at different points of the day and evening. Place other materials around that you are also using (such as paint, tiles or fabric).

Narrow your choices

At this point, you should be able to refine your selections. Some may be out of the budget (goodbye!), some might be higher maintenance than you were wanting (ciao!) or some might not be appropriate for your home at all. With what remains, ask yourself what you think you might love tomorrow, but also in ten years. After all, flooring is a big investment and you want to love it for years to come! Remember, the helpful Flooring Xtra teams are always here to help you with your decision making too. Make the most of their expertise!


Our latest look book, The Fifth Wall explores all stages of the flooring journey, from inspiration through to product information. There’s heaps of real-life examples, projects and tools to help you feel informed and ready to embark on the flooring selection process. Click here to read more.


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