Indoor plants are a fun and healthy hobby and while a trending pastime, it has never really gone out of fashion and unlikely to decrease in popularity. While the plants bring a great deal of aesthetic and health benefits, they can damage your precious flooring, whether it be carpet or hard flooring. Here are few tips to keep your plants happy and floor safe.


Watering your plants

Try not to overwater your plants to the point of overflow. If your plant prefers a big soaking, it may be a good idea to take your plant to another space (such as a veranda, the laundry, the bath etc.) for watering then returning it to its place. Yes, for bigger plants it will be a hassle to move them each time you water and may not be even possible. In this instance, a smaller amount of water then checking the soil for dryness, or the tray underneath for overflow before adding more.


how to protect your flooring with indoor plants by keeping them off the floor

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Barriers between the floor and the plant

There are many beautiful pots available from nurseries and homewares stores at the moment. There’s also a variety of trays, trivets, plant stands and other hanging mechanisms to lift the pot off the floor. For most varieties of plants, drainage (i.e. a hole in the bottom of the pot) is beneficial for the plant health, making a tray or other option necessary to catch excess water. If water seeps out the bottom, you may not know about it until you go to move the pot months later and seeing the damage water sitting on flooring for long periods of time will do. Also, be careful moving pots around, they can scratch the floors. Felt pads are a great idea here for protection.


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Make sure the pot is secure

It’s not just water that can cause issues with your flooring. If the pot is in a precarious location, it can be a hazard. Be mindful of strong winds knocking over the pot and make sure children and pets are not going to cause any problems. Near a doorway or high traffic area in the home they can also be a trip hazard. If they fall and break, they could damage the floor (as well as hurt someone).


indoor plants and protecting your flooring and carpet with pots

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Protect your floor from soil-y mess!

The soil is obviously a necessary element for most healthy plant species (although there are some that don’t require it!). When potting, don’t fill the pot to the top. Leaving a small gap is good for the plant but also minimises soil being knocked out of the pot onto the ground. Regularly sweep or vacuum around pots to remove any soil or leaves etc. Like any dirt, it should be removed as soon as possible to prevent dirt being shifted throughout the home and damaging the floors.


protecting your flooring with indoor plants

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