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Rugs are a wonderful décor addition in any room, from the bedroom to the living room and almost everywhere in between. From a style perspective, they can make a room feel ‘complete’ by adding a layer or pop of colour, texture and pattern. From a practical angle, they also bring warmth, comfort and protection to your floors.

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Flooring Xtra rugs come in a large range of styles, sizes and materials to suit every home, personality and budget. The benefits of rugs in the home are many and varied.

Wool Rugs:

Adding wool rugs into your home makes the space more comfortable and provides a luxurious underfoot feeling.

Large Rugs:

Introducing large rugs into your home can make it appear more spacious. Large rugs can be used in the living room to help frame the space or in open plan homes to create distinct areas.

Round Rugs:

Round rugs are perfect for awkward spaces, such as entry ways, that lack warmth or texture. Placing a round rug in a small space can make it feel larger.

Outdoor Rugs:

Outdoor rugs reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your home, whilst complementing an exterior space- perfect for creating a more cosy outdoor space.

Bohemian Rugs:

Bohemian rugs add warmth and layers into a home through their highly textured and patterned style- perfect for adding a fun pop of colour into your aesthetic.

Modern Rugs:

Perfect for contemporary homes, modern rugs add warmth and colour into your home through texture and patterns. Geometric shapes are a popular modern rug design.

Natural Rugs:

Using natural rugs, such as jute or wool, produces a sense of calm in a home.  Natural rugs complement a variety of home aesthetics with their varied textures and styles.


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