80% of Australians live within the coastal zone, so it comes as no surprise that our homes and interiors often lean towards accommodating this lifestyle. Think: light and neutral colours, warm materials and a relaxed vibe. A recent collaboration between Satara furniture, purveyors of laid-back luxury and resort-styled wares and Flooring Xtra is a perfect example of how coastal chic can be created without ticking all the clichéd boxes. Here are our five tips for creating the ideal coastal haven.


Get Inspired

Start collecting imagery that speaks to you and your home. There are many ways to seek inspiration for any sort of interiors and once you start, the pictures and ideas will flow. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to begin, but you can also draw on magazines, past holidays or local inspiration (and nature itself!). Once you have collected enough images, start to see if you can draw any similarities. These may be styles, colours, materials, small details (like lights, door handles, picture frames etc.) or anything you begin to see in common. There are some steps for creating your own moodboards too (here) which can be helpful to flesh out ideas.


Mood boards

Moodboards are a great way to develop ideas

Texture & Materials

Certain textures and colours lend themselves to different styles, moods and atmospheres and the coastal interior is no different. The perfect coastal home doesn’t always fit in one box, but generally less pretentious, warm, raw, natural materials work well in a beachside interior. Wool, timbers, sisal, hides, stone and marbles and rattans are right at home, everything that celebrates the natural environment.


Merseyside XXL in Crosby Oak

Colour Palette

Like materials, there’s no right or wrong, although colours do tend to be pared back. Light colours and muted tones work well. They don’t draw attention from the natural world outside and also create a welcoming, relaxing environment. Coastal interiors across the globe vary wildly, although they tend to all be refined and relaxed. From Mexico to the Mediterranean, there’s inspiration to be found everywhere.


Azolla Corin carpet bedroom coastal

Azolla in Corin


Many Australians spend a great deal of time outdoors. Because of this, it helps if the inside of the home can accommodate the extra wear and tear of the elements coming in. Sand, dirt, and seawater can create additional wear on finishes (such as flooring, fabric and paint) and furniture so selecting appropriately at the beginning, before installing makes perfect sense! Hardwearing flooring, such as hybrid and vinyl or synthetic carpets are excellent choices.


Merseyside XXL in Crosby Oak

Merseyside XXL in Crosby Oak

The Finishing Touches

Styling and accessorising a coastal home is important for the overall look and feel. From the floor to the ceiling there are perfect options to layer the home with materials and interesting objects that lend themselves to a coastal interior. Rugs are a perfect coastal accessory as they not only look fantastic but they also keep the excess dirt and sand off the floor and from creating any scratching. Relaxed furniture made from light timbers, timbers with grains, stone, linen, rattan and bamboo fit the look. For the smaller pieces, you can wander along the coast to find driftwood, shells and stones for an authentic feel. Layer rattan trays, indoor plants, linen cushions or chunky knit throws for the complete look.


Seaside 5555 White Outdoor Rug


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