Fix My Ugly Floor is a competition held each year at Flooring Xtra, where we invite the public to share their terrible flooring images for a chance to win a flooring makeover. The entries never fail to disappoint, with stains, holes and damage you could only imagine. Every year the transformation of the winning home is almost unrecognisable, with new flooring changing the entire look and feel of the interior. The stories that emerge from the competition are memorable too and as the entries open up again for 2021, we reflect on two of our favourite transformations.

2017- Euroa

In 2017 Flooring Xtra was overwhelmed with the number of entries received and decided to award not one, but two winners. Wendy from Euroa in Victoria was one of the winners with her very worn and tired carpet. With a house full of rowdy sons and an old cat, the damage (and smell!) was irreversible, so when she was told she had won, she was understandably excited. With luxurious wool carpet installed throughout and a lick of fresh paint, she’s fallen back in love with her home.


“The old carpet was revolting and I always tried not to let people in the house I was so embarrassed by it. It was stained and no matter what I did I couldn’t get the smell out. I loathed my house before and now I love it, it’s so soft to walk on, it’s easy to vacuum- it’s just beautiful. I was shocked when I got that email congratulating me, I was ecstatic. I really needed this, it’s changed our house so much.”


2019- Merricks

Fast-forward two years and the winner, selected by designer James Treble, was a well-loved home near the beach which had withstood generations of wear. Mustard shag-pile carpet may have been the height of fashion many decades ago, but the Wierzbowski family wanted something fresher and easier to maintain living so close to the beach. With Hinterland Hybrid in the living spaces and Corfu carpet in the bedrooms, the home maintained its history while bringing the floors to 21stcentury!


Past Fix My Ugly Floor Entries

Chilli the dog on the mustard carpet


Hinterland Hybrid in “Northern Blackbutt” 


Eco+ Serenity

Corfu in “Serenity”

You can read more about the transformation here.


With the competition open again, it’s time to whip out the camera to take some photos of your tired, daggy or damaged floors for your chance to win a makeover! You can enter here.


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